The CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator (CFSA) ($20 000 GRANT)

DEADLINE: January 8, 2024 | The CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator (CFSA) ($20 000 GRANT)

The CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator (CFSA) is pleased to announce the opening of its second call for applications. Applying to the program will enable agribusinesses in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia to receive support in scaling their innovations in climate-smart agriculture.


Under the umbrella of Ukama Ustawi, the CGIAR Initiative on Diversification in East and Southern Africa, is an agricultural assistance program called CFSA. It is a science-based accelerator created to provide climate-smart technologies to agribusinesses. CFSA provides customized science-based technical help together with investment preparedness to enable agribusinesses to become sustainable, ecologically responsible, and economically viable. Through the promotion of sustainable farming methods and the mitigation of the effects of climate change, the program places a strong emphasis on innovations with a user-centric approach for smallholder farmers.

Collaboration with the Agroecology Initiative:

CFSA is pleased to work in partnership with the Agroecology Initiative for the 2024 cohort. The goal of this collaboration is to assist agribusinesses in adopting environmentally responsible and sustainable farming methods by incorporating agroecological concepts. Enhancing resource efficiency, building resilience, and ensuring social equality are the main goals of agroecology.

Themes for Priority Innovation:

Automation and Watering
Preservation Agriculture Climate-smart, nutrition-sensitive, and risk-aware agriculture (ARM) business stages:

Early Stage: New businesses trying to figure out how to build a business plan.
Growth Stage: Businesses exhibiting viable business plans, notable revenue expansion, and a healthy cash flow situation.

What We Provide:

  • Access to Our Network of Capital Providers
  • Community of Agri-entrepreneurs
  • Impact Measurement and Management (IMM)
  • Investment Readiness
  • De-risking Grant CSA and Agroecology Technical Assistance

Dates of Applications:

Commencement: November 27, 2023
Termination: January 8, 2024


How to Submit an Application Visit the CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator website to apply

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