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Glasspool Grants are provided by the Glasspool Charity Trust, a UK-based charity that aims to provide timely, life-enhancing support to people in need. The trust offers two main types of grants:

  • Essential Living Fund grants provide small grants for household items and essential clothing.
  • The Flexible Frontline Fund provides grants to support agencies that work with people in need.

To be eligible for a Glasspool Grant, you must be legally resident in the UK. The trust does not accept applications from individuals directly; you must apply through a support agency.

If you are an individual in need of support, you can contact a local support agency to see if they can help you apply for a Glasspool Grant. You can also find a list of support agencies on the Glasspool Charity Trust website.

The Glasspool Charity Trust is a valuable resource for people in need of financial assistance. Their grants can help people cope when things get tough, equip them to manage better day-to-day, and enable them to build a stronger future.

Who can apply for an Essential Living Fund/grant?

As long as someone is a legitimate resident of the UK, we are able to assist them. We can therefore assist single people, married couples, and families.

Due to financial constraints, we might not be able to assist every person who applies for support, even if they are qualified.

Our grants make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping those in need of financial assistance deal with difficult situations, manage their daily lives more effectively, and create a brighter future.

Only applications from support workers are accepted. If you are an individual in need of assistance, please refer to the “who can submit an application” section below.

Which grants are offered

We offer modest subsidies for necessities like clothing and household goods through our Essential Living Fund.

Although you are allowed to apply for up to three items, it is doubtful that we will be able to help with all of them, and most of the time we can only help with one. The goods listed below are those that we can normally fund, those that we can fund in special circumstances, and those that we are unable to assist with.

Items frequently taken into account:

  • Baby necessities (supplies and attire)
  • Mattresses, linens, and beds (including couch beds)
  • Outfits and academic attire
  • Cooks
  • freezers, refrigerators, or fridge-freezers
  • Machines for washing
  • Pieces of furniture

Items taken into account in cases when special circumstances exist (see brackets):

  • In situations where there is a health issue, a disability, or an insufficient room or facility to dry clothes, washer-dryers or tumble-dryers may be used.
  • Flooring (when children under 4 live in the home, where there are mobility or disability issues, or where the current flooring poses a trip hazard)
  • TV License (in cases where social isolation is evident)

Requests for which we are not able to assist:

Heating oil; vocational training/supplies/tools; driving instruction/tests; TVs; PCs; iPads; tablets; mobile phones; home repairs; skip hire; decorating; removal expenses; vacations/retreats; childcare expenses; bills; debts; rent deposits/arrears; arrears on council taxes; debt relief orders/bankruptcy fees; food or subsistence.

Causes for which we might not be able to help:

  • The person, pair, or family has been the recipient of a prior donation from us in the last three years.
  • The request relates to something that is outside of our scope of assistance (see above).
  • The person, pair, or family does not fit the description of an extraordinary event (see above).

To apply and for more information, visit Glasspool grants website (Glasspool Grants: Essential Living Fund)


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