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You may be able to apply for a grant from a charity or grant-giving organization if you are having financial difficulties.

Grants are non-repayable, however there are requirements to be eligible for one, such as having a particular health condition.

From where do these grants originate?

Grants are made by UK-wide registered charitable organisations to help the underprivileged. People are awarded grants according to their individual circumstances, such as their past employment history or any underlying medical conditions.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anybody can apply for a grant, and a lot of charities will assist those whose status in the UK prevents them from claiming social payments. While we can’t promise you a grant, we may point you in the direction of potential opportunities.

What is the payment plan?

The payment options available to each fund will be unique. Grants might be in the form of non-repayable cash, goods, or services.

When can I expect a response?

Every fund has a unique time span. This may take up to three months or as little as five days. We display this information in the grant fund details where it is available.

Turn2us-managed grants

In addition to managing the Turn2us Grants Search, we also administer our own grant initiatives to help those who are having financial difficulties.

We do not directly accept applications from people in need of assistance. Rather, we collaborate with affiliated institutions to submit grant requests on behalf of individuals.

Below is more information about our grant programs.

We advise starting with the Turn2us Grants Search as there’s a greater chance you’ll find an organization you could apply to.

Turn2us Response Fund

A select group of partner organizations may submit an application to the Turn2us Response Fund in order to provide financial shock support to their clients. Read More

Edinburgh Trust

A select group of partner organizations may submit an application to the Turn2us Edinburgh Trust on behalf of its underprivileged city dwellers’ customers. Read more

To Apply and For more Information Visit Turn2Us Grants websites

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