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Vanderbilt Scholarships offers merit-based scholarships every year to deserving candidates who exhibit remarkable achievement and intellectual promise. These students are among the top 1 percent of Vanderbilt’s first-year applicants, and the selection process is extremely difficult due to the small amount of merit scholarships offered.

As long as the winner maintains a sufficient academic record during their four years of undergraduate studies, Vanderbilt offers merit-based scholarships that are all renewable. A certain number of scholarships are given out by each of the four undergraduate schools in accordance with enrollment. Unless otherwise stated, financial need is not taken into consideration.


Ingram Scholars.

Students who intend to combine a professional or business career with a remarkable dedication to leadership, innovation, civic-minded service, and an entrepreneurial spirit are known as Ingram Scholars. Students who have the maturity and initiative to spearhead constructive social change as well as those who are dedicated to creating their own positions in the solution of societal issues are supported by the program.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars.

Students who exhibit exceptional academic accomplishment together with great leadership and extracurricular involvement are recognized as Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars.

Chancellor’s Scholars.

Students with exceptional academic records who have bridged racial, social, and economic divides to forge strong high school communities and who have shown a keen interest in social justice, tolerance, and diversity education are recognized as Chancellor’s Scholars.

To send in your application for a Vanderbilt Merit Scholarship:

Use your MyAppVU account to upload your scholarship application(s) in only Word or PDF format. As soon as possible, you need to receive confirmation that your application was received and submitted successfully, along with the submission date. Additionally, a green check mark will show that the application was successfully submitted. In the event that you do not see a confirmation of receipt in MyAppVU, please email

For More Information about Vanderbilt Merit Scholarships and to apply, Visit Vanderbilt’s official website

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