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What is the Fellowship in MLH?

Aspiring software developers can choose from a 12-week internship program called the MLH Fellowship. The Software Engineering track fellows get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work in a small group on an actual project from one of our partners.

In addition to our current programming and mentorship opportunities, participating MLH Fellows will get extra orientation help and training sessions this year.

Which courses are you able to take this semester?

This summer, we will be offering three tracks: Web3 Engineering, Software Engineering, and Site Reliability Engineering. An overview of each track is provided below to assist you in selecting the best one for you!

Software Engineering:

One of the most sought-after skills for which IT organizations are hiring is software engineering. An actual project from one of our partners will be paired with you as an MLH Fellow on the Software Engineering Track. Working on either open-source or closed-source projects that are essential to IT organizations on a daily basis will give you a firsthand taste of what it’s like to be a member of a real software engineering team.

Site Reliability Engineering:

Often referred to as DevOps, site reliability engineering is one of the most sought-after skills for which tech businesses are employing. It is a mix between systems and software engineering that ensures scalable and dependable services across product and infrastructure. The MLH Fellowship’s Site Reliability Engineering Track will teach you the abilities required to maintain product functionality. You will write code and troubleshoot complex issues. You will graduate from the program with the expertise and useful technical skills required for a job in site reliability engineering.

Web3 Engineering:

Web3 refers to internet services developed with decentralized blockchains, which are distributed ledger technologies utilized by cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin. However, there are many uses for this underlying technology, and Web3 has expanded to include gaming, social media, crowdsourcing, customer relationship management, and more.

You will get the knowledge and abilities necessary to advance this rapidly developing segment of the web and contribute to state-of-the-art Web3 applications by participating in the MLH Fellowship’s Web3 track. You will get teamwork skills, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to code on blockchains such as Solana via the guidance of a professional mentor. You will graduate from the program with the expertise and useful technical abilities required for a job in Web3 and beyond.

What is the new Incubator for Web3 MLH Fellowships?

Seize the exceptional chance to transform your Web3 hackathon project from a prototype to a finished solution! The dates of the Web3 Fellowship Incubator are July 10–September 29. To assist in the development of your project, the incubator will provide monthly sprints, demo days, mentorship, and other resources.

Web3 ecosystem partners will provide project funds and offer extra weekly product and technical mentoring. Graduating teams will have the chance to present their projects to the NEAR team and other investors during a pitch and demo day at the end of the Web3 Fellowship Incubator.

The Web3 BUILD Hackathon, held on June 30th in partnership with NEAR Horizon, will award program slots to the victors.

Learning to code is like getting from zero to one.
MLH fellowship helps developers get from one to a job to bigger things

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The things you learn in a classroom aren’t the things you need to know to launch a career in tech. During the MLH Fellowship, you’ll gain the type of applied experience that employers want to see.

  • Open source projects are a great way to learn software engineering.
  • An entirely online, 12-week internship substitute
  • Without watching, learn by doing.
  • We combine engaging, instructive content with real-world application. It takes place remotely, collaboratively, and with the direction of knowledgeable mentors.

A place Where participants work with peers and engineers from leading organizations on actual open source projects while receiving a stipend.

Acquire Practical Experience.

Donate to initiatives that benefit people, not a side project that will never be completed.
Working together, you will tackle assignments that come straight from our business partners. Employers value the technologies you use to solve real-world problems, whether you’re working on a brand-new greenfield project or contributing to a significant Open Source project.

While you Earn, Learn.

Make a current investment in your future self and career.
In order to aid with program costs, we provide fellows with an educational stipend. After you graduate, you’ll be able to concentrate on applying what you’ve learned to start your career in software engineering.


To Apply for MLH FELLOWSHIPS, Visit the MLH official Website

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