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Deadline: Varying | Apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant


If you need to make modifications to your house due to a disability, you may be eligible for a grant from local council. For instance, if you

  • are hindered physically
  • possess a learning handicap
  • have demands connected to aging
  • People who are autistic experience cognitive deterioration similar to dementia or a degenerative illness like motor neuron disease.
  • possess a fatal sickness
  • possess a mental health issue

You may have to:

  • expand doorways, add grab bars or ramps, and enhance access to rooms and amenities (such as a stairlift or level access shower). Enhance garden access.
  • Construct an addition, such as a downstairs bedroom. Provide a heating system that meets your demands.
  • Make lighting or heating controls more user-friendly by modifying them.
  • Any benefits you get are unaffected by a Disabled Facilities Grant.

What You Acquire

Generally, how much you receive is determined by your:

  • Family earnings and savings exceeding £6,000
  • Under-18 disabled children are eligible for grants without the income of their parents being deducted. To find out more, get in touch with your local municipality.

Landlords are eligible for grants without having their savings and income taken into consideration. If the existing renter vacates the property within five years, the council may request that another disabled person be allowed to occupy the space.

How much you can submit for the nation

  • Give England Reaching £30,000
  • Wales-Reaching £36,000
  • Ireland’s NorthReaching £25,000


In order to qualify for a grant, you or another occupant of the home must:

  • be disabled plan to occupy the property for the duration of the award (often five years, though this may be shortened if the grantee has a fatal illness, for example).

The applicant needs to be one of the following:

Landlord, tenant, owner

The council must be pleased with the work’s:

  • essential and suitable to fulfill the needs of the impaired person
  • appropriate and feasible, based on the property’s age and condition
  • The project needs to be finished within a year of the grant being accepted.

If you begin construction on your property before the council approves your application, you may not receive any funding.

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