Deadline: Varying | 5 SEAI GRANTS you must apply for: SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AUTHORITY grants

Energy-related expenses and greenhouse gas emissions are being decreased by towns, businesses, homes, and large industries thanks to SEAI funds.

Grants For Your Home

Make your home more comfortable and lower your energy Bills with our GRANTS for your Home.

Grants for Individual Energy Upgrades (Including Solar PV Schemes and Better Energy Homes)

Making your house warmer and more energy-efficient is easier than ever. Learn about our funding for individuals and our alternatives for home energy upgrades.

Electric Vehicle Grants

Zero-Emission Automobiles Ireland has been designated as a special office tasked with encouraging enterprises, the public sector, and consumers to keep moving toward zero emission vehicles. The Office will take the lead in achieving Ireland’s aggressive goal of having 945,000 electric cars in the Irish fleet by 2030, as outlined in the Climate Action Plan 2021.
Making the switch to an EV is now more affordable thanks to our electric car grants. Select your desired model and make from our list of dealers today.

Community Grants

Energy-efficient community projects are supported by the SEAI Community Grant through capital grants, collaborations, and technical assistance.

Research Funds

We fund academic and industrial researchers working on sustainable energy projects. Our objective is to promote and expedite research and development on sustainable energy.

Research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) efforts pertaining to energy generation, supply, and usage are coordinated and funded by SEAI. We encourage and expedite the creation and implementation of energy-related systems, procedures, and products in the Irish market. We are in favor of solutions that make it possible to get over technological and other obstacles that prevent the market from embracing energy-related goods, procedures, and systems.

Grants For Business

Which would you prefer: reaching energy-saving goals or reducing energy expenses? Our business awards have resulted in significant cost reductions for organizations around Ireland.

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