Unilever Unemployed Learnership Program 2024 for youths in south africa

Deadline: November 10th 2023 | Unilever Unemployed Learnership Program 2024 For Youths In South Africa

Title: Unilever Unemployed Learnership Program 2024 For Youths In South Africa
Organisation: Unilever
Fund/Grant: Training Programs for Youth
Deadline: 10th November 2023
Eligible countries: South Africa

At Unilever, you have the opportunity to work towards realising your vision of improving both the business and the world. You will work on well-liked brands that enhance the quality of life for our customers and the communities in which we live. Small and large ideas that will help our company succeed and expand will be led by you. You will gain knowledge from knowledgeable business executives and peers who will inspire and coach you to become a better version of yourself.



  • Matriculated in physical science and math OR N3 in engineering studies


  • In order to securely provide a high-quality packed product, the Unemployed Learner is in charge of performing general queue operations and cleaning routines in accordance with scheduled operational requirements. performs pre-start-up inspections to guarantee that the space and apparatus are hygienic and safe in accordance with SOP.
  • Checks the quality against predetermined standards and reports any flaws in the product and packaging. promptly recognises irregularities in the process and takes immediate action to stop them.
  • Has to make a conscious effort to create an eco-efficient atmosphere. Clean the machine in accordance with the site’s specifications and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For more information, visit the Unilever Unemployed Learner-ship Program’s official website by 2024.

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