the IOM Youth Ambassador Initiative.

Deadline: September 30th 2023 | The IOM Youth Ambassador Initiative.

The IOM Youth Ambassador Initiative seeks to elevate the voices of young people and give them a role in the migration industry. The programme aims to build a more inclusive and sustainable future for everyone by elevating the voices of young people, encouraging safe, regular, and orderly migration, and supporting youth-inclusive legislation.


The Migration Youth Ambassadors will collaborate closely with IOM for a year in order to promote secure, orderly, respectable, and inclusive migration, as well as to address issues like climate mobility, human trafficking, xenophobia, and health. They will also work to empower young people in their communities to engage in discussions about migration and related topics.


  • As of December 30, 2023, are you a person between the ages of 18 and 30?
  • Do you care deeply about immigration issues and have a track record of supporting youth empowerment in your neighbourhood?
  • Are you driven to add to the national, regional, and international dialogues on migration issues?
  • Do you want to work for a multinational company that has access to a world network?


The Youth Ambassador Initiative’s goals are as follows:

  • In order to give young people a platform to express their opinions, develop ideas, and share personal experiences with migration-related issues, the programme intends to “amplify youth voices.” The programme aims to promote a more inclusive and representative approach to migration governance by highlighting the views of young people.
  • Promote policies that prioritise the well-being of youth in host, transit, and destination communities as well as young migrants who are members of the diaspora and enable their meaningful participation in migration-related discussions and decision-making processes.
  • The Youth Ambassadors will advocate for policies that prioritise the well-being of youth in these communities.
  • Provide secure, regular, orderly, and respectable migration: The Youth Ambassadors will take part in advocacy activities to provide access to materials and information about immigration and legal options.
  • Empower young people: The Youth Ambassadors will be given the tools they need to succeed as advocates and change agents in their communities through capacity building, mentoring, and information sharing. They will acquire leadership abilities, improve their comprehension of migration concerns and how they relate to other issues, and build the self-assurance to effectively address these issues with the assistance of partners such as governments, local authorities, the private sector, etc.


Youth Ambassadors who take part in this campaign will:

  • Make a difference in their neighbourhoods and assist with the problems that young people are experiencing
  • Develop your public speaking, leadership, and media interaction abilities.
  • Increase your knowledge of migration challenges and your confidence in your ability to handle them successfully
  • Obtain chances for personal development, networking, skill building, and the resources required to promote positive change in their communities.
  • Create a strong youth network by getting to know other students working on the same causes.


Goals for the Youth Ambassadors:

  • Create material, advocate for, and support any fundraising initiatives. Participate in conversations on migration concerns and incorporate migration and human mobility issues into broader policy discussions.
  • Offer creative suggestions and try out youth-led remedies to problems that young people, especially young migrants, are facing.
  • Engage with your neighbourhood to spread awareness and exchange experiences, including with youth partners and other stakeholders.
  • Present your work at important meetings.

For more information, visit the IOM Global Youth Ambassador Initiative’s official website.

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