Technical Assistant Job Vacancy In Kampala Uganda

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Date of expiration: Sunday, October 1, 2023 | Technical Assistant Job Vacancy In Kampala Uganda | UNICEF
For the Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) Joint Programme, Kampala, Uganda (11.5 months), technical support is being provided to support the learning objectives (Ugandan nationals exclusively).

Job no: 565990

Type of Position: Consultant

Location: Nairobi Regn’l (ESARO) / Uganda Division

Institution: Uganda

Department/Office: Uganda’s Kampala

Health, communication, social change, and behavior

We never give up either.

Every child deserves a dependable hand.



The three distinct program goals are as follows:

Improved economic inclusion of households—for households to increase their contribution to and advantages from markets—to strengthen their participation in local economies

improved dietary status for mothers and children; and

improved health for mothers and children.

The activities of the program are divided into three categories:

WFP-led initiative to boost social protection systems

UNICEF-led effort to boost the health system

Cross-cutting initiatives from both WFP and UNICEF include evidence generation, market participation, and connections to other programs.

The learning component of the CSSP program aims to produce, synthesize, and apply data on the effectiveness of the program’s methods. This segment intends to increase the participation of many stakeholders, such as development partners, civil society, the government, academics, and beneficiaries, in order to foster information sharing, teamwork, evidence-based decision-making, and shared learning. In light of the foregoing, UNICEF is looking for a consultant to help with the creation of pertinent learning materials.

The assignment’s goal is to assist WFP’s programme learning officer in implementing the learning agenda for the child-sensitive social protection program, including the creation and distribution of associated products.


The CSSP program includes a thorough learning plan as a key element, with the goal of producing top-notch learning materials that highlight the program’s methods and successes. These priceless assets will include mutually beneficial biannual program updates, research papers, progress reports, and success stories. Therefore, the purpose of this consulting is to help the actual application of knowledge and expertise in creating extraordinary products while also assisting in their diffusion, both within UNICEF and among its partners on the outside.


  • The consultant will collaborate closely with the Gulu UNICEF Zone office teams, the WFP, the MoH, the District Local Governments, the Health, HIV, Nutrition, Social Behavioural Change and Communication Specialists, and AVSI to:
  • Support the implementation of the CSSP program’s learning agenda, including the learning roadmap, in close coordination with the WFP, the Gulu Zonal Office, and national subject specialists.
  • Organize group learning initiatives, such as the creation and distribution of educational materials.
  • Oversee the creation and release of program webpages, ensuring prompt updates, and create high-quality material highlighting important program results and learning in coordination with the WFP program learning officer and UBOS.
  • To guarantee that program learnings and recommendations are implemented, support the development and launch of the program learning tracker.

If you want to be an advocate for every child, you’ll need to…


Two more years of required experience in addition to a first degree will be taken into consideration in place of an advanced degree in communication and public health, development, or humanitarian work.

Experience at Work

  • at least 7 years of experience developing knowledge goods for publication and dissemination to a variety of audiences in various formats.
  • Research, analysis, and documentation of maternal-newborn, adolescent-health, nutrition, Social Behavioural Change (SBC) initiatives, or MNCH are necessary—especially in the setting of Uganda.
  • Dedicated, meticulously organized, capable of working both individually and in teams, and a strong analytical thinker.
  • really good written communication abilities and the ability to create products that are close to completion
  • Occupational history includes comparable assignments and pertinent publications
  • strong advocacy, facilitation, and communication abilities
  • deep knowledge of health systems and comprehension
  • Working knowledge of Uganda’s district local governments and national government, as well as a thorough comprehension of the health system
  • a track record of success managing partnerships with UNICEF partners, including NGOs, UN agencies, and the commercial sector.
  • demonstrated aptitude for advocacy, networking, strategic thinking, and fundraising
  • demonstrated aptitude for conceptualizing, organizing, and carrying out ideas as well as for sharing information and abilities.
  • strong writing and communication abilities, as well as the capacity to manage conflicting priorities and messages for multiple audiences.
  • the capacity to work remotely and travel

You exhibit for each child…

Our actions and methods are guided by UNICEF’s Core Values of Care, Respect, Integrity, Trust and Accountability and Sustainability (CRITAS). familiarize yourself with Our Values Charter: UNICEF Principles

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted and moved on to the next phase of the hiring process.

Advertised: September 18th, 2023, Eastern Africa Standard Time

Submission deadline: October 1, 2023, Eastern Standard Time

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Ends October 1, 2023

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