National Field Coordinator Job Vacancy In El Daein Sudan

Date of expiration: Sunday, October 1, 2023 | National Field Coordinator Job Vacancy In El Daein Sudan | UNOCHA
Job Reference Number: 13701

Sudan’s El Daein is a location.

Date Posted: 9/18/2023, 9:15 AM

Apply before: October 1, 2023, at 9:00 AM

Position: Full-time

Company: UNOCHA

Sort: NOB

Type of Vacancy: Fixed Term

Area of Practice: Management

Contract Length: One Year

Master’s degree with two years of experience OR a bachelor’s degree with four years of experience

Fluency in Arabic and English are prerequisite languages.

Timeline of Vacancies

2 Weeks

Mobility; not needed


Position Description

Position Goal:

  • The incumbent is anticipated to carry out the following duties under the general supervision of the Head of Field Coordination and the day-to-day direction of the Head of Sub-Office in South Darfur:
  • Management of Information and Advocacy
  • Coordination
  • appeals and resource mobilization
  • Access Assistance

responsibilities and obligations

Management of Information and Advocacy

  • Join forces in gathering data on humanitarian developments, disaster relief and management initiatives, or emergency situations within the designated state or region.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining connections with other UN bodies, non-governmental groups, and pertinent government counterparts in the designated region or state.
  • Improve information networks to collect field data while also contributing to the compilation of weekly or monthly situation updates on humanitarian issues.
  • Assist in the creation, fusion, and upkeep of a comprehensive database containing data on organizations engaged in a variety of activities, as well as the creation of profiles for the provinces in the assigned area, hazard maps, contact lists, and databases for preparedness and humanitarian aid.
  • By completing an analysis of the humanitarian situation, with a primary focus on civilian safety, you can assist advocacy efforts regarding humanitarian issues.
  • Assist in setting up on-site work groups, conferences, meetings, and consultations with other organizations and partners about humanitarian and disaster assistance issues.
  • Create reports that analyze the humanitarian situation, and help to make information networks better for gathering data on the humanitarian situation.
  • carry out any additional tasks that may be required.


  • support the creation and application of the structure, strategy, and policy for humanitarian coordination;
  • Establish partnerships with other humanitarian organizations in order to work together on complex humanitarian and emergency assistance programs’ planning and evaluation. Make careful to incorporate into these activities the most recent research, policy directives, lessons learned, and gender-related factors.
  • Assist in the effective coordination of international humanitarian and emergency relief in response to challenging emergency and disaster circumstances, under the direction of the Head of Sub-Office in Nyala. This entails carrying out quick evaluations, creating situation reports, assessing the crisis, and determining the pressing requirements of the impacted regions that have not yet been met.
  • Organize activities relating to catastrophe planning and response.
  • do any additional tasks that may have been given.

appeals and resource mobilization

  • aid in the creation of global aid appeals; facilitate the efficient utilization and distribution of donor contributions routed through OCHA, including CERF and SHF funding.
  • carry out additional tasks as needed.

Access Assistance

  • Serve as the focal point and leader for the area of coverage’s implementation, training, and heightened awareness of the Joint Operating Principles.
  • assisting with the tracking and monitoring of the Access Strategy and severity in the covered area.
  • Supports access negotiations for the OCHA Sub-office, offers significant assistance to cluster working groups as needed, and promotes communication on cross-cutting concerns.
  • participates in field visits to conduct in-depth access analyses and provide feedback to the national access Working Group. carries out and supports technical assistance and other field missions.

Core Competencies


understanding of a variety of humanitarian assistance, urgent relief, and associated humanitarian difficulties, including methods and strategies for resolving challenging issues. analytical skill, especially the capability to understand and communicate the humanitarian aspect of problems that call for a coordinated UN response. Ability to recognize problems and sound judgment while using technical expertise to tackle a variety of situations. Ability to conduct research, including the capacity to assess the impact on the human rights situation in the allocated country or area and to evaluate and integrate information from a number of sources. Ability to lead new or junior staff members while working under tremendous pressure and, on occasion, in a highly stressful situation (such as civil unrest, natural disasters, and human suffering). demonstrates professional competence and subject matter mastery; is diligent and effective in meeting commitments, adhering to deadlines, and producing results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; demonstrates perseverance when faced with difficult problems or challenges; and maintains composure under pressure. assumes responsibility for incorporating gender ideas and making sure that men and women participate equally in all aspects of the workforce.

Organizing and Planning:

Clear goals that are in line with agreed-upon strategies are developed, priority activities and tasks are identified, priorities are adjusted as necessary, an appropriate amount of time and resources are allotted for work completion, risks are anticipated and contingencies are allowed for when planning, plans are monitored, and adjustments are made as needed, and time is used effectively.


Work cooperatively with coworkers to accomplish organizational goals; elicit input by genuinely appreciating others’ opinions and skills; be open to learning from others; put team goals ahead of personal ones; support and follow final group decisions, even when they may not entirely reflect own position; share credit for team successes and take joint responsibility for team failures.

required knowledge and expertise


  • A master’s degree is necessary, preferably in law, international studies, public administration, political science, or a related field of study.
  • The advanced university degree may be substituted with a first-level university degree and two more years of relevant experience.


  • a minimum of two years with a master’s degree or four years with a bachelor’s in relevant, progressively responsible experience in humanitarian affairs, emergency preparedness, crisis/emergency relief management, or a closely related field, with at least two years working for a UN agency or an NGO.
  • experience in challenging humanitarian operating contexts; preference will be given to candidates with prior East Darfur experience.
  • Proven expertise in data gathering, compilation, analysis, and reporting, as well as the ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing.
  • demonstrated expertise in organizing meetings, participating in them, and reporting on the results.

Language prerequisites

Arabic and English language proficiency are necessary.

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