INGENIOUS Grant for SME Internationalisation

Deadline: September 30th 2023 | Ingenious Grant for SME Internationalisation

For the Internalisation Grant for SME Internationalisation which helps SMEs expand into new markets or boost their competitiveness abroad, INGENIOUS is currently accepting applications.


The Eurocluster INGENIOUS helps Europe’s business community advance competitive sustainability, become the first continent to be climate-neutral by 2050, and take control of the region’s digital destiny. Since SMEs are the backbone of the economy, INGENIOUS places a specific emphasis on supporting them. As such, it will assist them with the new initiatives for resilience building, the transition to a green economy, and the digital age.

Three financial instruments are used by the enterprises as a part of the INGENIOUS initiative to deliver extremely creative solutions.

INGENIOUS strives towards gender parity. In order to create equal opportunities for men and women during the implementation of the action, candidates are encouraged to take all necessary steps. They shall strive for gender parity at all levels of people allocated to the action, including, where practical, supervisory and management levels.

Financial Details

  • While keeping in mind that the overall maximum financing will be € 60.000 per SME, including all financial support provided to third parties (Innovation grants and Training grants within the INGENIOUS project), applicants may only submit one application for an internationalisation award (one grant costing € 2,500).

Target Nations

  • Africa
  • South African Mosambik
  • Senegal Republic South Africa
  • Guinea
  • Moroccan Asia
  • China Vietnam
  • Japan
  • Korea, South
  • India’s Singpur
  • The Americas
  • Canada
  • South America
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Bolivia Argentina
  • Peru
  • Bolivia


Main prerequisites for applicants

  • The Internationalisation Grants are for small and medium-sized businesses (SME) that may select any of the primary target countries.
  • The application form for Internationalisation Grants – INGENIOUS must be submitted online at by applicants.
  • Fill up a motivation letter using the INGENIOUS template, no longer than two DIN A4 pages.
  • Any submitted proposal must fulfil the requirements below to be eligible for internationalisation grants:
  • African, Asian, North American, or Latin American countries should be one of the key target regions for internationalisation initiatives.
  • Applications that are just partially written in another language are ineligible; they must be prepared entirely in English.
  • Candidates must be SMEs.
  • Applications must be based in one of the eligible nations, i.e., EU Member States (including OCTs), Ukraine, EEA countries, countries linked to the COSME component of the Single Market Programme, or nations engaged in active association agreement negotiations where the association agreement enters into force prior to grant signature.
  • The maximum financing available for each candidate under the INGENIOUS Internationalisation Grant is €60.000, but applicants may only submit one application.
  • Applications that don’t have all needed fields filled in by the deadline will not be accepted.
  • All other documents are not acceptable; only the templates provided on the INGENIOUS website are.
  • In a motivation letter that is reviewed and authorised by the INGENIOUS responsible, applicants must argue why they should be sent to the target country.
  • Project partners cannot apply; only members of the cluster organisations involved in the project may do so.

For more information, visit INGENIOUS for more details.

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