Project Control Associate Job Vacancy In Ethiopia Jijiga

Closing Date 23 September 2023 | Project Control Associate Job Vacancy In Ethiopia Jijiga | UNHCR

Place of residence (if appropriate)

Addis Abeba, Eth Fed Democratic Rep

Grade GS6

Type of Employee or Affiliate

Generally Speaking


Assignment Regular > Regular

Work from home not accepted

common job descriptions

Project Management Assistant

Project Control Associate Job Vacancy In Ethiopia Jijiga


Relationships at work and the organizational environment

Project control’s main duties include supporting project oversight, including the creation of a monitoring strategy, quality assurance, and verification, and complementing program management. Other project control activities include reviewing project agreements, conducting project audits, ensuring that operational and financial performance are coordinated, taking part in multi-functional monitoring activities and reviews, monitoring project risk management, and assisting with project closure.

For efficient accountability and oversight, it is crucial to maintain the separation of roles between project control and program operations. General Service employees conducting project control duties shall submit their reports to the Head of Office in cases when there is no project control officer.

The supervisor provides broad direction and work schedules to the project control associate. Under the direction of the Project Control Officer or at the same management level as the program, they operate autonomously on routine duties. The incumbent might be in charge of other general service employees.

Staff from project control frequently communicate with implementing partners and play a critical role in preserving harmonious and successful partnerships. In order to deal with partners in a way that is compliant with the Principles of Partnership, the Code of Conduct, and other pertinent agreements, incumbents must be fully aware of all aspects of partnerships.

Each employee of the UNHCR is responsible for carrying out the tasks outlined in their job description. They act in accordance with the UNHCR’s regulatory framework, which includes the UN Charter, the UN Staff Regulations and Rules, the UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions, as well as any applicable accountability frameworks, and within their scope of authority. Additionally, employees must carry out their duties in a way that is compatible with the fundamental, functional, cross-functional, and managerial skills as well as the key values of the UNHCR, which include professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity.


  • Participate in the evaluation of the internal control frameworks used by implementation partners.
  • Assist in ensuring that IP agreements adhere to UNHCR’s regulations, policies, and processes as well as Country Operation Plans.
  • Make sure that every project has a thorough record kept.
  • As required by project agreements, assist in the evaluation, analysis, and verification of Financial and Performance Implementing Partner Reports (Part I-IPFR and Part II-IPR), as well as in ensuring correctness and consistency between IPFR and IPR.
  • Confirm the status of any already-paid instalments and make sure that the money committed under an IP agreement allow for the payment of the subsequent instalment or a distribution.
  • Encourage prompt project completion in collaboration with the program unit.
  • Alert supervisors and programme officers to any major variations at the office level in the following areas: budget execution, project execution percentage, time schedule, and project quality in comparison to specifications or terms and conditions.
  • Continue to build trusting bonds with the implementation partners.
  • Stay current on all UNHCR policies, guidelines, and procedures required to carry out these tasks.
  • Inform supervisors about IP problems.
  • Make recommendations regarding whether to accept IPRs and whether to pay in installments.
  • Speak with your project’s implementing partners.
  • Have unrestricted access to project-related financial and operational records.
  • Carry out any other necessary relevant tasks.

Minimum Requirements

Professional work experience and education

Years of Experience/Level of Education

For G6: 2 years of relevant work experience with a bachelor’s degree or above, or 3 years of relevant experience with a high school diploma.

Field(s) of Study; Not relevant.

Licenses and/or Certificates

  • Accounting;
  • Auditing;
  • business management;
  • Finance;
  • project administration; (Licenses and certificates denoted by an asterisk* are required.)

Relevant Work History;

Essential;Not mentioned.

Desirable; Not mentioned.

Adaptive Skills

Financial Accrual Accounting in accordance with IFRS, IPSAS, and other internationally recognized standards

Financial inspection

Project Management Group

Assurance for PM projects

Risk management is RM.

Functional Knowledge of IT-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Software for Microsoft Office Productivity

Computer and IT literacy

(Skills denoted with an asterisk (*) are crucial.)

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency and, if necessary, the UN working language of the duty station are requirements for positions in international professional and field service.
  • If English is not the local language, proficiency in the UN working language of the duty station is required for national professional positions.
  • Knowledge of English and/or the UN working language of the duty station if English is not required for General Service positions.

Each employee of the UNHCR must work both individually and collectively to create a workplace where everyone feels secure and empowered to carry out their responsibilities. Showing zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment—including sexual harassment—as well as sexism, gender inequity, discrimination, and the abuse of power—is one way to do this.

Individuals and managers alike need to take the initiative to stop improper behavior before it starts, to respond to it when it does, to support continuing discussion about these concerns, to speak out when something goes wrong, and to seek advice and assistance from the appropriate UNHCR resources.

For all UNHCR positions with this job title and grade level, this is the Standard Job Description. Additional desirable and/or necessary qualifications relevant to the operation or role may be included in the operational context. Any such requirements are included in this Job Description by reference and will be taken into account for screening, shortlisting, and choosing candidates.

Profile of the ideal candidate

Languages needed (anticipated) The overall level of ability is at least B2:

favored tongues

Operating environment

Considerations for Occupational Safety and Health:

Kind of Position:

The development of the Project Control Associate post has become required to ensure that the Jijiga Operation improves and takes advantage of the opportunities for execution of solutions initiatives and collaborations. In order to maintain quality assurance of project agreements issued in conformity with relevant UNHCR rules and regulations, the Protect Control Associate will play a crucial role. The incumbent will oversee the transfer of resources to the implementing partners, their use for those purposes, and compliance with project agreements and performance delivery. To ensure accuracy and consistency, he or she will gradually analyze the financial expenditures that the implementing partners have reported. Additionally, he or she will swiftly notify the supervisors of any risks and significant deviations from plan during project execution (budget, finances, implementation, and timeline). In addition to analyzing whether the project partnership agreements are compliant with country operational plans and UNHCR’s laws, policies, and procedures, he or she will also participate to the examination of the internal control system of the implementing partners. He or she will assist in the prompt completion of projects in collaboration with the Project Control and Programme departments at the Representation Office Addis Abeba.

He or she will assist the Office in evaluating receipts and invoices for transactions related to operations that UNHCR directly implements and will remark on any anomalies. He or she might be asked to assist the finance staff in evaluating some financial records and vendor returns.

The Project Control Associate will operate as the Sub-Office’s main point of contact for risk management and support the Sub-Office team in streamlining risk management processes across all Office operations, including by offering guidance and refresher training. He or she will assist in maintaining the risk management register and monitor the effectiveness of the agreed-upon risk treatments.

The incumbent typically works under the direction of the Head of Sub-Office or another Senior Officer to whom the Head of Sub-Office has delegated responsibility. With supervision from the manager, he or she will work independently and consult with the appropriate officers at the Addis Abeba Sub-Office and Representation Office as needed for technical advice.

Conditions of Living and Work:

With a population of roughly 500,000, Jijiga serves as the Somali Regional State’s administrative center in Ethiopia. It is 1,646 meters above sea level where it is located. It lies around 80 kilometers from the Somaliland border and roughly 630 kilometers east of Addis Abeba, the country’s capital.

Jijiga City has recently seen a large amount of private investments in hotels and real estate where personnel may easily rent convenient reasonable housing. Near the UNHCR office or in the heart of the city, both completely furnished and unfurnished apartments may be available, and staff members are free to haggle with landlords to find economical places to live. Jijiga City also includes a large number of markets, eateries, and shops, including small supermarkets, where people may buy food and other household necessities. In Jijiga, there are branches of the Ethiopian Commercial Bank and numerous other private banks, making it simple to access financial services like ATMs.

Although there are buses that run on the Jijiga-Addis, Jijiga-Harar-Dire Dawa, and Jijiga-Gode routes, the majority of travel into and out of Jijiga is done via Ethiopian Airlines planes that fly directly to Addis on an average of 5 to 7 flights per day. The one-hour flight only takes an hour, therefore it would not be advisable to drive to Addis. The office coordinates official travel through a recommended agent.

Jijiga offers both public and private hospitals, as well as higher clinics. The local hospitals, however, are not equipped to handle complex medical conditions. For qualifying UN employees and their dependents, the United Nations Health Care Centre (UNHCC) in Addis Abeba offers a variety of specialist Medical Units with round-the-clock medical care services.

The UNHCR Office is close to the city’s center and is reachable via public transportation. However, the Office provides transportation for employees to and from work every working day in the morning and evening, and there are designated pick-up/drop-off spots that are relatively close to most of the areas where the majority of employees live. A staff cafeteria run by a private company is also available at the office, where lunch can be purchased every day of the workweek. However, due to the restricted food selection, it is advised to address any dietary restrictions or food allergies with the cafeteria.

Upon entering the facility, an obligatory security briefing is required. Before leaving, all trip plans should report to the radio room, and they should keep doing so every 60 minutes until they return to the compound. The official working hours are 8:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00 on Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 – 13:30 on Friday.

Additional Requirements for Project Control Associate Job Vacancy In Ethiopia Jijiga


FI-Financial Auditing, FI-Financial Accrual Accounting in accordance with internationally recognized standards (IFRS, IPSAS, etc.), Computer and IT literacy Enterprise Resource Planning (IT-ERP) Functional Understanding, IT-Software for Microsoft Office Productivity RM-Risk Management, MG-Project Management, and PM-Project Assurance

Education Certifications

Project management – Other, Accounting – Other, Auditing – Other, Business Administration – Other, and Finance – Other

Experience at Work


Accountability, client- and results-focused, dedication to lifelong learning, Decision-making, judgment, and communication controlling resources, awareness of organizations, planning and preparation, political consciousness, group effort & cooperation


Additional Details

Functional authorization

There is no need for a functional clearance for this post.

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