Fleet Management Associate Job Vacancy In Burundi Bujumbura

closing date is 28th September | Fleet Management Associate Job Vacancy In Burundi Bujumbura | UNHCR

difficulty level; C

Type of Family; Family

Place of residence (if appropriate)



Type of Employee or Affiliate

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Assignment Regular > Regular

Work from home not accepted

common job descriptions

Associate in Fleet Management


Relationships at work and the organizational environment

The Fleet Management Associate assists with fleet management tasks within the Area of Responsibility (AoR), ensuring that the administration of the fleet is professional, cost-effective, and in accordance with UNHCR policies and procedures. In order to facilitate the operation, the incumbent keeps regular working-level communication with other UNHCR offices, UN agencies, NGOs, government partners, and private contractors in the AoR. Normally, the incumbent reports to a Senior Fleet Management Associate or (Senior) Fleet Management Officer.

The post may be found at the UNHCR’s headquarters, regional bureau, or field offices in several countries.

Each employee of the UNHCR is responsible for carrying out the tasks outlined in their job description. They act in accordance with the UNHCR’s regulatory framework, which includes the UN Charter, the UN Staff Regulations and Rules, the UNHCR Policies and Administrative Instructions, as well as any applicable accountability frameworks, and within their scope of authority. Additionally, employees must carry out their duties in a way that is compatible with the fundamental, functional, cross-functional, and managerial skills as well as the key values of the UNHCR, which include professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity.


  • When creating plans for the purchase of fleet assets or associated maintenance and repair services, use UNHCR’s fleet management strategy. Perform spend studies using past spend data to find trends that can be utilized to schedule Frame Agreements and procurement operations. Give the office(s) advice on how to keep a fleet that is the right size and how to maximize vehicle use by using a pool or allocation system.
  • Create a plan for the purchase, upkeep, and replacement of fleet equipment and accessories. Be the point of contact for ordering vehicles while taking into account UNHCR short- and medium-term needs and local fleet management replacement programs.
  • Coordinate the efforts of contractors and/or implementing partners engaged in fleet-related tasks, and make sure they are aware of and abiding by pertinent UNHCR policies.
  • Respond to requests for information and guidance, coordinating responses from many entities to give counterparts a response that is prompt, clear, and consistent.
  • Offer assistance and evaluation of fleet-related issues, including emergencies, inside the AoR.
  • Gather information from interested parties to make sure that pertinent and useful information is obtained and shared. By giving information or knowledge to interested parties, you can help them better grasp the issues, goals, and priorities associated to fleets.
  • Provide customized reports and fleet management reports. – Compile data on all fleet assets and deliver in-depth reports as needed.
  • Keep an eye on the precision and quality of fleet-related data in pertinent business systems. Compile and analyze statistical data, find patterns and changes in fleet-related issues, and use that information to help make decisions. For cars inside the AoR, track how the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is being used and make adjustments.
  • Disseminate, encourage adherence to, and track compliance with UNHCR’s worldwide fleet management rules, standards, and guidelines.
  • Carry out any other necessary relevant tasks.

Minimum Requirements

  • Professional work experience and education
  • Years of Experience/Level of Education
  • For G6: 2 years of relevant work experience with a bachelor’s degree or above, or 3 years of relevant experience with a high school diploma.
  • Field(s) of Study
  • Not relevant.
  • Licenses and/or Certificates
  • Engineering, supply chain management, and logistics
  • Commerce and business administration
  • economics; supply chain management program;
  • (Licenses and certificates denoted by an asterisk* are required.)
  • Relevant Work History
  • Essential
  • a capacity for teamwork across geographic boundaries. extremely high integrity. advanced Excel proficiency.
  • Desirable
  • An asset is having knowledge of any vehicle management software, such fleet Wave, VTS, and others. knowledge and expertise in fleet management.
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Management of SC-Fleet
  • Vehicle insurance program SC-HCR Global Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Management for DV
  • Cross-cultural interaction
  • DV – Basic Automobile Mechanical Knowledge
  • (Skills denoted with an asterisk (*) are crucial.)

Language prerequisites

  • English proficiency and, if necessary, the UN working language of the duty station are requirements for positions in international professional and field service.
  • If English is not the local language, proficiency in the UN working language of the duty station is required for national professional positions.
  • Knowledge of English and/or the UN working language of the duty station if English is not required for General Service positions.

Each employee of the UNHCR must work both individually and collectively to create a workplace where everyone feels secure and empowered to carry out their responsibilities. Showing zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment—including sexual harassment—as well as sexism, gender inequity, discrimination, and the abuse of power—is one way to do this.

Individuals and managers alike need to take the initiative to stop improper behavior before it starts, to respond to it when it does, to support continuing discussion about these concerns, to speak out when something goes wrong, and to seek advice and assistance from the appropriate UNHCR resources.

For all UNHCR positions with this job title and grade level, this is the Standard Job Description. Additional desirable and/or necessary qualifications relevant to the operation or role may be included in the operational context. Any such requirements are included in this Job Description by reference and will be taken into account for screening, shortlisting, and choosing candidates.

Profile of the ideal candidate

Languages needed (anticipated) The overall level of ability is at least B2:

favored tongues

Operating environment

Considerations for Occupational Safety and Health:

Kind of Position:

Conditions of Living and Work:

Additional Requirements


Communication between cultures, Basic Automotive Mechanical Skills, Vehicle Management, SC, DV-HCR Global Fleet Management Vehicle Insurance plan, SC-Fleet Management-Supply Scheduling



Commerce – Other, Economics – Other, Engineering – Other, Business Administration – Other UNHCR, Logistics – Other, Supply Chain – Other, HCR Supply Chain Learning Program

Experience at Work


Accountability, client- and results-focused, dedication to lifelong learning, Building trust, empowering others, and communication judging and making decisions, awareness of organizations, planning and preparation, Participant management, group effort & cooperation, technological savvy

Salary Calculator for UNHCR

Additional Details

Functional authorization

There is no need for a functional clearance for this post.

Fleet Management Associate Job Vacancy In Burundi Bujumbura

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