Global Startups competition for She Loves Tech 2023

Deadline: 21st September 2023 | Global Startups Competition for She Loves Tech 2023

Title: Global Startups competition for She Loves Tech 2023
Organisation: SHE LOVES TECH
Fund/Benefit: $5,000,000
Deadline: 21st September 2023
Eligible countries: All countries

The Global Startups competition for She Loves Tech 2023, which was created to provide the most promising female tech entrepreneurs and female impact startups with a rare opportunity to present their companies to a worldwide audience of investors and influencers, is now accepting applications.


Before ending in a boot camp and global finals held during the She Loves Tech Global Conference, the annual competition series begins with mentorship sessions and pitch rounds around the world. The competition and conference will bring together the top technological companies, executives, business owners, and investors, giving startups a wide range of funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities in addition to extensive international media exposure.

For the avoidance of dispute, technology is defined as the application of research and invention to the creation of useful products or the resolution of problems. All startups must be technology-based startups. This goes beyond digital, informational, or web-based technology and includes everything from hardware to the development of fresh goods and fixes for problems already in existence. She Loves Tech and its separate local organising partners co-manage the series.

They are specifically searching for businesses in the following categories to address the critical needs of the world:

  • Fintech Business Solutions
  • Cleantech, sustainability, and education in health and well-being
  • Purchasers & Retail
  • Agritech and Food
  • Women’s Concerns
  • The Smart City


  • Early Stage Startup A technology startup with less than US$5M in outside capital and at least a minimal viable product (through the conceptual stage).
  • Startup for Gender Lens Technology that satisfies one of the gender lenses listed below:
  • founder, female
  • most users are women
  • majority of shoppers are women
  • Technology’s benefits for women
  • Any startup from anywhere in the globe is welcome to enter the competition. Nevertheless, each startup is only permitted to submit an application for ONE (1) local competition round, regardless of whether the nation or territory in which you live, work, or conduct business is hosting a round. You should submit an application to the nearest competition round if you are from a nation or area without a local round. She Loves Tech reserves the right to redirect registrations in the event of errors.
  • Participation is open to any entrepreneur, male or female, who is using technology to improve the lives of women.
  • The competition application may be submitted on the company’s founder’s behalf by any employee, however only one of the founders is required to present their idea in person.

May to August 2023: Competition Process Screening and Preparation

  • The worldwide screening team will assess applications, and the entrepreneurs that make the final cut will have access to a special pitching curriculum and coaching sessions.
  • They will consider a variety of factors, such as market potential, traction, scalability and growth potential, innovation and originality, as well as the calibre of the entrepreneur and team.
  • June 2023 – September 2023 Local Rounds
  • Startups that have been shortlisted will take the stage at their respective Local rounds, which are held in various nations and regions, to present their products and services. The competition’s worldwide phase will thereafter begin for the winner of each round.
  • Training: October 2023
  • In October, an online and offline hybrid boot camp that has been particularly designed for each local round’s victors will take place. Experiential learning, mentorship, and peer coaching are the cornerstones of the boot camp. It addresses funding, market, and innovation-related issues.
  • October 2023: International semifinals and finals
  • The competition’s Global Semi-Finals will be the competition’s penultimate phase as well as an investor demo day, allowing entrepreneurs to directly pitch high-level investors for funding.

Finals worldwide and conference: October 2023

  • The top global winners will also be given the opportunity to present their enterprises to a global audience at the She Loves Tech Global Conference in Singapore, which is Asia’s premier event for women and technology. All of the global finalists will have the chance to travel there. The Top 10 startups will have the chance to win cash and investment rewards when they pitch at the final round. Startups have the chance to earn cash prizes and investments worth up to $50,000 USD.

Application Expirations

  • Japan, South Korea, South Europe, West Europe, and the Nordics on June 30
  • 15th July: Bangladesh
  • Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka on July 31
  • Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Nepal, the Pacific Islands, and Australia on August 13
  • 21 August: Africa
  • 29 August: India
  • Central Asia and China on August 31
  • Mongolia on September 4
  • Latin America and the Middle East on September 15
  • Israel, Turkey, the Baltics, Central & Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America are all on September 21.

For more information, visit the She Loves Tech official website.

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