International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Grant Programme

Deadline: 29th September 2023 | International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Grant Programme

Title: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Grant Programme
Organisation: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
Fund/Benefit: €50,000
Deadline: 29th September 2023
Eligible countries: Organizations/Countries from anywhere in the world can apply

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Grant Programme is currently accepting applications.

Projects with a clear international component are supported by the IHRA Grant Programme because they are original, pertinent, and effective.


The IHRA Grant Strategy favours projects from all over the world as well as from any non-profit organisation or institution in the field of education, commemoration, and research of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma who are capable of developing a project that is in line with the two programmes.

The IHRA Grant Programme co-finances projects that are creative, pertinent, and significant with a clear international component that:

  • Programme 1: Preserving the history of the Holocaust and the Roma genocidal persecution
  • IHRA Member Nations are dedicated to ensuring and facilitating access to the historical record as well as shedding light on the still murky shadows of the Holocaust.
  • The IHRA intends to support initiatives under Programme 1 that help preserve the documentation of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma in the following fields:
  • Initiatives that focus on the future of memory, particularly those that emphasise yet-unrecorded testimonials from survivors and witnesses.
  • ,apping and recording of places related to the Holocaust and/or the extermination of the Roma that are still unnamed and/or unmarked, including death grounds.
  • Archival materials that are physically in danger or have accessibility issues.
  • Important details
  • The IHRA’s supplemental definition of Holocaust-related resources, which was created for the IHRA’s archive access initiative, is strongly suggested for use by applicants for projects under this programme.
  • Applications that meet the requirements will be able to show how their suggestion would help create a more comprehensive historical record.
  • Successful programmes will also have components that aim to involve local authorities and political decision-makers, as well as to increase awareness among relevant media and political figures.
  • Plan 2: Reducing distortion
  • IHRA Member Countries are committed to upholding and disseminating the full truth about the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma in order to ensure that future generations can comprehend the reasons behind and methods used to carry out the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma and consider their repercussions.
  • Holocaust distortion, according to the IHRA, is the justification, downplaying, or misrepresentation of the Holocaust’s acknowledged historical record in speech, writing, or other forms of media.
  • The IHRA supports initiatives through Programme 2 that seek to avoid and combat distortion in the following areas:
  • public conversation that involves the media, especially social media
  • Research in Education Memorialization
  • Important details
  • The IHRA Grant Programme provides funding for initiatives that focus on exchanging best practises to advance global cooperation on this issue, prevent and combat distortion, and improve governmental and non-governmental institutions’ ability to deal with these problems.
  • The applicants must provide a compelling case for how the project’s goals will help prevent and mitigate distortion in the aforementioned areas.
  • The IHRA has created definitions that should be used as a starting point for all projects addressing the challenges of distortion, antisemitism, and antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination because issues like combating distortion of the Holocaust and the genocide of Roma, antisemitism, and antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination are complex and nuanced.

Financial Details

  • The maximum award amount per financing year is €50,000.
  • The bare minimum grant amount per project and financing year is 15,000 euros.


  • Worldwide organisations are eligible to apply. However, in light of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the IHRA Grant Programme encourages organisations working in and near Ukraine to submit funding requests so they can carry out their missions during this trying time and lay the groundwork for Holocaust remembrance both during and after Ukraine’s recovery process.
  • A formal project partner who is based in a different nation than your own must be found at least once.
  • Every IHRA-funded project must adopt a global perspective. Target audiences and project partners should come from at least two distinct nations.
  • The IHRA does not support solitary studies or monographs. However, they do finance collaborative research initiatives. Please submit an application via your research organisation, organisation, or university.

For more information, visit IHRA official website.

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