Grant for the Agricultural Greater Good Initiative 2024

Deadline: September 30th 2023 | Grant for the Agricultural Greater Good Initiative 2024

Title: Grant for the Agricultural Greater Good Initiative 2024
Organization: Illumina
Fund/Benefit: $350,000
Deadline: 30th September 2023
Eligible countries: All countries interested

Grant for the Agricultural Greater Good Initiative 2024, which aims to find ways to raise crop yields and enhance the productivity and welfare of livestock in order to reduce poverty and hunger in developing countries, submissions are now being accepted.


Illumina is working with the agriculture sector as part of the agriculture Greater Good Initiative to support research that will make it possible to provide a more wholesome, sustainable food supply.

This programme encourages desperately needed research that will improve the nutritional density, productivity, and sustainability of major crop and livestock species used in agriculture. Illumina items are donated to grant recipients to help with their projects.

Prize Specifics

  • The Grand Prize winner will get up to $350,000 worth of consumables and/or services in the form of up to 1000 samples of their choosing, valued at list price.
  • The winner will be revealed in January 2024 at the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference.


  • Academic, commercial, and nonprofit organisations that do basic agrigenomics research are eligible for the grant programme. Research that improves the nutritional value, productivity, and sustainability of the global food supply will be given priority.
  • Give a summary, a statement of the study, and an explanation of the significance of your research in 400 words or less. Additionally, you are allowed to insert a list of citations (with a 200-word word limit) and up to three figures with legends.
  • Applicant information for these parts should contain:
    • Economic effects
    • Social effect
    • Collaborators
    • Nations that are utilised technologies

Other funding options
All entries, in order to be accepted, must

  • Be in English and full
  • Be a unique creation.
  • Judging Standards
  • All submissions will be evaluated by a group of scientists and executives from Illumina. Each entry will be evaluated according to how effectively it reflects innovation, scientific merit, and alignment with the principles of the Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative.

Visit Illumina for additional information.

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