Environmental Photography award 2024

Deadline: November 5th 2023 | Environmental Photography Award 2024

The Environmental Photography Award 2024 was established by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to honour photographers who utilise their skills to promote environmental protection.


In 2021, in recognition of the Foundation’s 15th anniversary, this award was introduced. Through five categories, it serves the dual purposes of highlighting the environmental concerns faced and celebrating the breathtaking beauty of the planet: Ocean Worlds, Humanity against. Nature, Change Makers: Reasons for Hope, Polar Wonders, Into the Forest, and Humanity vs. Nature.

With its direct and universal language, photographic art is a powerful tool for promoting awareness. It positively reinforces the process of raising public knowledge of important environmental issues like biodiversity, climate change, and the ocean.

To better reimagine lives and economies, environmental photographers can inspire people to adapt, develop, and create sustainable solutions. They show a real “field of possibilities” for future generations who wish to live in harmony with the natural world.

A jury of internationally renowned professional photographers carefully selects the photographs, which were entered in the third edition of the competition in 2023 with nearly 10,000 entries, for their technical and aesthetic excellence but, more importantly, for the importance and force of their message.

Italy, San Marino, Spain, the United States, and France have already hosted exhibitions of the Environmental Photography Award winners from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Trophy Categories

  • Polar Wonders: Photographs of the Arctic and Antarctic polar areas’ landscapes, animals, and inhabitants.
  • Ocean Worlds: Pictures that highlight the variety of marine life and the richness of the seas and oceans, both above and below the surface.
  • Images that showcase the beauty of the native communities that live in boreal, temperate, and tropical forests, as well as the flora and fauna that make up the forest ecosystem.
  • Images of the conflict between people and nature, as well as the damaging effects of human activity on the environment, such as the effects of climate change (droughts, wildfires, extreme weather events, etc.), the loss of biodiversity (endangered species, disastrous interactions between people and wildlife, etc.), and the depletion of freshwater resources around the world.
  • Images highlighting the global efforts and initiatives taken by communities and organisations to create a more sustainable world and more peaceful coexistence between man and nature are included in the exhibition Change Makers:
    • Reasons for Hope. It strives to provide evidence of optimism for both humanity and the planet.

Award Specifics

  • From the 5 category winners, the Environmental Photographer of the Year was selected by the jury.
  • “Environmental Photographer of the Year 2024” is the title.
  • 5,000 euros grant.
  • Invitation to conduct a field photo documentary at the International University SEK’s Amazon Research Station in the middle of the Ecuadorian jungle (including travel and lodging).
  • Invitation to the exhibition’s opening ceremony in the Principality of Monaco, which includes travel and lodging.
  • Through its communication channels, including social media, the press, and its newsletter, the Foundation receives public relations support.

Winners by Category

  • Each of the five category winners will get a prize of €1,000.
  • Through its communication channels, including social media, the press, and its newsletter, the Foundation receives public relations support.
  • Public Award and Students’ Choice (to be determined for each category separately)
  • Grant of 500 Euros for Image Winning the Public Award.
  • 500 euros will be awarded for the best image submitted by students.
  • Photographers who made the cut
  • Featured in the Monaco exhibition and worldwide tour of the Environmental Photography Award 2024.
  • published in the book for the 2024 Environmental Photography Award.


  • The Award is open to photographers from all countries who will be at least 18 years old by November 5, 2023.
  • Each participant is responsible for making sure they have read these guidelines and Photocrowd’s Terms and Conditions and will adhere by them. By submitting an entry, each participant acknowledges that their entry conforms with these regulations and that they are responsible for any losses or damages resulting from a violation of these rules on behalf of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Photocrowd, and their licensees.
  • Entry is not permitted if you work for or are a representative of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Photocrowd, your family, or anybody else involved with this promotion (aside from the sponsors). Any individuals who are directly or indirectly receiving help from the Foundation on the day the photograph(s) are submitted are also ineligible to enter.
  • Upon request, eligibility documentation is required. You will be disqualified if you use a phoney name or any other false information.

Visit the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for further details.

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