Youth Leadership Programme (Yemen)

Deadline: 19th September 2023 | Youth Leadership Programme (Yemen)

Do you have an original business concept and are you a social entrepreneur? Do you have a creative response to a social issue in your neighbourhood? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may be of interest to you. Want to network with other young leaders? Apply right away for Youth Leadership Programme (Yemen) if so.

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The ninth edition of the Youth Leadership Programme (Yemen) for the year 2023 (YLP9) has just been released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Yemen in collaboration with the Youth Leadership Development Foundation (YLDF).

In order to empower young people and support them in designing and implementing creative, effective, and sustainable development solutions, whether in the form of social enterprises, nonprofits, NGOs, initiatives, social entrepreneurship, or campaigns, UNDP in the Arab States launched the Youth Leadership Programme in 2015.

In order to help young Yemeni entrepreneurs take on the most difficult problems of their time and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, UNDP Yemen seeks to engage and support them.

The curriculum will help and equip Yemen’s young change-makers so they can create and put into practise creative, efficient, and long-lasting development solutions. It seeks to

  • Accelerate the adoption of ground-breaking approaches to sustainable development, and establish networks of young people who inspire change and have a positive, long-lasting influence on their communities.


  • Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Green Economy: Towards a Sustainable World is the year 2023’s theme.
  • The program’s focus will be on the green economy, with the goal of empowering young people to help realise a green economy that includes social, environmental, and economic pillars of sustainable development. The programme will provide assistance to young people who work as social entrepreneurs and community builders.

Community activists

  • Young Yemenis have created grassroots solutions over the years to fill up gaps in the provision of important services in their communities. Young people have demonstrated that they can be great contributors and change agents, and that their efforts should be actively encouraged and recognised as part of creating peaceful communities.
  • Social pioneers
  • Yemen experiences a high proportion of youth unemployment, as does the majority of the Arab world. The United Nations Development Programme acknowledges that innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial for unlocking each country’s economic potential, but successful entrepreneurship requires a supportive business climate. The promotion and deployment of measures aimed at assessing the SDGs in business and encouraging more sustainable private sector development over time constitute the program’s added value.

Opportunities will result from participation.

When you sign up for the programme, you will:

  • Become a member of a vibrant community of talented, young Yemeni leaders who want to see their nation advance. Participants will get the chance to take part in the project with other young leaders from the Arab area, and they’ll have plenty of chances to both put their ideas for social change into action and grow as leaders.
  • Develop your problem-solving, leadership, communication, and presentation skills, as well as your grasp of emotional intelligence. You should also work on developing your skills in social innovation methodologies and approaches.
  • Increase your understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to their fulfilment.
  • Learn more about mental health, wellbeing, and the role they play in bringing about lasting change.
  • Obtain a certificate of participation.


  • Candidates who match the qualifications below, both men and women, are encouraged to apply. Applications from women and those with disabilities are especially welcomed.
  • Between the ages of 19 and 29
  • Arabic fluency
  • Residents of Seyion or Al-Turbah governorates who are of Yemeni nationality
  • Possess a creative concept or social entrepreneurship project that advances the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.
  • Highly driven and committed to bringing about social change
  • The ability to commit to participation within the programmed term (September-November 2023) is the only need for application.

Visit the United Nations Development Programme for additional information.

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