Health Fellowship programme to Support Entrepreneurs

Deadline: 20th October 2023 | Health Fellowships programme to Support Entrepreneurs

The Health Fellowship programme to support entrepreneurs is accessible to entrepreneurs from all around the world and the United States who are creating for-profit businesses that use technology to lower barriers to accessing high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare and to enhance physical and mental healthcare outcomes.

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This programme brings together founders from all over the world and the USA, enabling businesspeople to influence the direction of healthcare. Obtain professional training, a comprehensive 8-week on-site programme in Washington, DC, and vital resources to hasten your business effort.


  • Solutions that use technology to lower obstacles to high-quality, affordable healthcare and enhance physical and mental healthcare results. The following are just a few examples of subsectors:
    • Remote patient monitoring, digital therapeutics, and telemedicine
    • Nursing Operations
    • AI and analytics for health data
    • MedTech
    • Preventive medicine with FemTech
    • Medical Finance
    • Longevity and AgeTech


  • Each programme offers particular advantages to fellows. The following will be given to fellows accepted into the programme:
  • $10,000 USD equity-free per venture living stipend
  • Credits for cloud computing through Amazon Web Services (AWS) worth $10,000 USD
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides additional technical support
  • Access to a top-notch mentorship and advisory network tailored instruction in

Basics of business

  • Impact definition and measurement of investment preparedness
  • Leadership Global group of entrepreneurs with a focus on social impact
  • workshops led by solicitors
  • Free consulting assistance from Deloitte
  • Each founder will have access to individualised coaching from trained leadership coaches.

Programme Organisation

  • Entrepreneurs from all around the world who built up to 8 businesses in the health sector are trained in Halcyon’s methodology on business principles, leadership, investment preparedness, and impact.
  • The majority of the programme is delivered in person:
  • 8-week residency with one virtual programme kickoff meeting in Washington, D.C.
    eligibility requirements
  • Halcyon is searching for entrepreneurs that are (for-profit) and developing scalable solutions to health-related problems.
    • Location: Anywhere in the world; Stage: A Minimum Viable Product with the potential for scaling is required.
    • Application with up to one co-founder is allowed
    • The candidate must be the CEO and/or be in charge of all major decisions.
    • Must speak English well and be at least 21 years old when the programme begins.
    • Programme Ability to participate in all activities and programming sessions is required.
    • Impact: Must be creating a venture or product that advances at least one of the UN’s 17 SDGs.
    • Each submission is evaluated by Halcyon based on its impact, scalability, innovation, and talent in addition to its eligibility.

Selection Standards

How much of an impact, if any, will the solution have on society and/or the environment if it is scaled up?
Could this business expand over the next five to ten years to serve hundreds of thousands or millions of users?
Is the strategy taken to solve the problem in their context novel?
Talent Is the group ideally suited to address the problems they’ve identified?

For more information visit Halcyon for additional details.

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