Scholarship from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the 2023 One Young World Summit (Funded)

Deadline: 20th September 2023 | National Lottery Heritage fund for One Young World Summit 2023.

The National Lottery Heritage fund for One Young World Summit 2023 is now accepting applications. Ten influential young leaders who live and work in Northern Ireland and are having a good impact will be eligible to attend the One Young World Summit in 2023 and become members of the One Young World Ambassador Community through this project.

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The international network for young leaders is called One Young World. They are there to nurture the next generation of leaders who are tackling the world’s most pressing problems. The One Young World Summit, an annual convocation of more than 2,000 of the most promising young leaders from all nations and fields, serves as the catalyst for everything. Influential political, commercial, and humanitarian leaders including Justin Trudeau, Bill Clinton, Meghan Markle, and many others offer advice to delegates from more than 190 nations on how to develop the knowledge and abilities necessary to be effective changemakers.

The dynamic city of Belfast will play host to the One Young World Summit in 2023. Belfast is known for its tenacity and positivity. The city and its residents recognise the value of leadership after emerging from decades of conflict thanks to their courage and tenacity. 25 years have passed since the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was signed.


The award comes with:

  • Access to all events at the One Young World Summit 2023, which runs from Monday, October 2 to Thursday, October 5.
  • Belfast hotel accommodations with a 2 October check-in and 6 October check-out date.
  • during the entire event, catering.
  • Travel costs to and from Belfast are covered.
  • Reimbursement for reasonable out-of-pocket costs paid during summit participation.
  • One Young World Ambassador Community lifetime membership.
  • The chance to collaborate in Northern Ireland with the Heritage Fund team to create a Heritage Youth panel in 2023–2024.


Effective applicants will:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 30 during the One Young World Summit in 2023.
  • A resident of Northern Ireland.
  • Participate in significant environmental and social initiatives in Northern Ireland.
  • Participate in significant environmental, historical, or social projects in Northern Ireland.
  • Show leadership in your neighbourhood.
  • Show respect for and dedication to history. Heritage is not defined by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Heritage can be everything from the past that you value and want to pass on to future generations, including historic structures, our industrial legacy, the natural environment, collections, traditions, stories, and more.
  • Commit to participating in a pre- and post-Summit involvement programme that includes planning meetings, creating digital content, reporting on the effects of participation, and helping to create a Heritage Youth Panel in Northern Ireland.


Visit the One Young World Summit website for additional details.

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