CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP: Get ready to apply for Chevening SCHOLARSHIP

Deadline: Call for applications to open Tomorrow 12th -SEPTEMBER 2023 | CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP: Get ready to apply for Chevening SCHOLARSHIP

We are pleased to announce that applications for the next Chevening cohort will open 12TH September 2023.

Successful applicants will receive a fully-funded scholarship to study for a master’s degree at a leading UK university in 2024.

With just a number of weeks to go until applications open, it’s time to start getting your Chevening application ready.

To put yourself in the best possible position to submit a top-notch Chevening application, follow these five steps between now and when applications open.

  1. Verify that you satisfy all requirements for eligibility.
    Did you realize that we received more than 10,000 ineligible applications the previous year? And out of those, 70% were ineligible since they didn’t have the required two years of work experience for Chevening?

Make sure you don’t commit the same error! Candidates for Chevening must:

  • Be a citizen of one of the 160 or more nations or territories that qualify for Chevening.
  • own a bachelor’s degree that qualifies you to apply for a postgraduate program at a UK university.
  • two years or more of work experience is required. You can use this website to determine whether you meet this criteria.
  • not have previously attended school in the UK on a scholarship paid for by the UK government.
  • Outstanding future leadership potential must be shown.
  • Read the complete list of criteria for Chevening awards.
  1. Expand your leadership experience.
    You will be asked to explain how you have so far demonstrated the ability to be a leader in your life and profession during the written application and interview stages. Create a library of examples right away. When did you need to be in charge of a group or project? How did you handle that scenario successfully? What did you discover? How did you show off your ability to persuade?

For each example you think of, you should be asking yourself questions of this nature. Select the strongest illustrations that, in your opinion, best demonstrate your leadership potential before writing about them in your application.

“In general, giving [one or two] detailed examples will make a stronger impression than simply listing everything,” says the author. Simply put, “less is more.” – 2020 Chevening Scholar Roshini Menon, King’s College London

  1. Consider where you want to be in two, five, and ten years.
    To bring about change in your home country, build a practical plan for attaining your objectives. We understand that things don’t always go as planned, but we want to know that you have huge plans for improving your nation and that you have given your plans some serious thought.

It’s important to communicate your goals for your life, not just write the prettiest sentences possible for your application. – Syed Farradino Omar, a 2018 Chevening Scholar at the University of London’s Royal Holloway

The best way to reach your future goals is to sit down and carefully consider the logical actions you will need to follow. Roshi Menon
Show us how committed you are to achieving your goals!

  1. Start looking into the UK universities you want to attend.
    On your Chevening Scholarship application, you will have the choice of three courses at up to three UK universities. To locate the program and college that will help you reach your career goals, start browsing the Chevening course search right away.

You might also find this post on picking the best UK institution for you useful for limiting your possibilities.

Please be aware that you must submit separate applications to the colleges that offer your desired courses. An application to the courses you’ve selected is separate from your Chevening application.

  1. Clearly define how a Chevening Scholarship can help you accomplish your objectives.
    Why do you want to apply for Chevening? What could you accomplish if you joined our international community? Why do you want to take the courses you want to take in the UK?

Not only do we need to know why Chevening is the ideal place for you, but also vice versa. | CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP: Get ready to apply for Chevening.

Asking yourself these important questions now and talking about them with your friends and coworkers can prepare you to create a superior Chevening application when the application period opens this year.

Why study in the UK | CHEVENING?

Chevening Scholars get the chance to explore everything the UK has to offer, from cultural events and fun day trips, to exclusive networking opportunities with like-minded future leaders.

Discover what current scholar Dipna Gunnoo loves most about studying in the UK.

How are Chevening Scholars chosen?

A thorough assessment and selection procedure is applied to all Chevening Applications.

The Chevening Secretariat in London first sorts and verifies applications against initial eligibility requirements.

  • Initial eligibility requirements call for applicants to have:
  • Obtaining an undergraduate degree
  • two years or more of job experience
  • Independent reading committees independently assess each application and assign a score based on the candidate’s likelihood of achieving the FCDO, Chevening, and regional objectives.

The following are examples of how applicants should have influenced others’ opinions in a professional or volunteer organization.

  • Applicants must give at least one specific instance of how they persuaded someone else to do something. They will provide proof of the actions they did and specifics regarding the outcome. They will, above all, exhibit genuine ambition.
  • Creating professional partnerships in the past. The applicants will discuss their future plans for interacting with networks, such as Chevening. Outstanding responses will discuss how the respondent used networking abilities to accomplish their goal.
  • Either academic or professional experience. Candidates will exhibit knowledge of the universities and the programme they have chosen. By relating them to their pertinent prior experiences, they will offer a strong justification for enrolling in the three colleges and courses that were selected.
  • Genuinely considered how they will accomplish their professional objectives. Reading committees seek out specific short-, mid-, and long-term objectives. These objectives ought to be SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Next Steps:

  • Academic advisers, typically from UK institutions, then review the applications to see whether the applicant has the background and experience necessary to successfully finish the chosen course and to determine whether the university has expertise in the chosen field.
  • The shortlist of candidates is forwarded to the British embassy or high commission in the area, who conducts interviews and chooses the final candidates in collaboration with the regional partner organization.
  • Although remaining in accordance with the FCDO/Chevening objectives and the eligibility requirements, some partnerships may deviate slightly from this model and assess applications themselves.
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CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP: Get ready to apply for Chevening


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