AAUW International Fellowships 2023 for Women to study in the United States

November 15, 2023 is the deadline. | AAUW International Fellowships 2023 for Women to study in the United States

For the AAUW International Fellowships 2023, applications are now being accepted. Since 1917, there have been International Fellowships. Women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who want to return to their native country to pursue a professional career are given support for their full-time graduate or postdoctoral study through this program.

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There are a few awards available for women who are Graduate Women International members to study abroad (other than in their own country). Graduate and postgraduate study at authorized institutions in the United States is funded. Recipients go back to their native nations and rise to positions of leadership in industry, politics, academics, community action, the arts, and sciences.


  • Master’s/first professional degree: $20,000
  • Doctoral: $25,000
  • Postdoctoral: $50,000


  • Women, including those who identify as women, are eligible for international fellowships in all fields of study at approved institutions of higher learning or, for postdoctoral fellows, in research. The final determination of what institutions qualify as eligible institutions rests with AAUW.
  • Reapplicants who are rejected are welcome.
  • The following requirements must be met by applicants in order to be eligible for an international fellowship:
  • possess a non-immigrant visa if resident in the U.S., or have citizenship in a nation other than the U.S. Women who presently have the status of U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or dual citizen of the U.S. and another nation, or who anticipate doing so during the fellowship year, are ineligible.
  • possess an academic degree (obtained in the US or overseas) completed before the application deadline that is comparable to a US bachelor’s degree.
  • want to devote their entire fellowship year to the suggested academic schedule.
  • intend to finish their education and pursue a professional career in their own country.
  • Be able to communicate well in English and demonstrate this ability by providing one of the Required Components, which include specific English proficiency tests, transcripts from institutions that speak English, or a written declaration stating that English is the applicant’s first language. Candidates should prepare for and take the exam as soon as feasible if they intend to take one of the recognized English proficiency tests. Ask the test provider any questions you have concerning the exams.
  • Doctoral and master’s degree candidates must have submitted applications by the AAUW application deadline to authorized institutions of higher learning for the fellowship year and must include the institution’s name in their international fellowship application. Although it is not necessary to accept an award at the time of application, fellows must include official confirmation from the school with their award acceptance paperwork.
  • Fellowships for master’s or first professional degrees are available for J.D., M.F.A., L.L.M., M.Arch., and other professional degrees as well as medical degrees like M.D., D.D.S. Undergraduate degrees, associate degrees, and certificates are not acceptable.
  • Doctoral degrees, such as the Ph.D. or Ed.D., that are categorized as research degrees are eligible for doctoral fellowships.
  • By the application deadline, postdoctoral candidates must have a doctorate that is recognized as a research degree, such as a Ph.D., Ed.D., D.B.A., or an M.F.A., and they must also state the location of their intended study.
  • Doctoral and master’s applicants must be enrolled during the fellowship year in a U.S.-accredited institution that is located in the U.S.
  • Graduate Women International members may be eligible for a small number of prizes for study or research abroad in any nation. Keep in mind that international divisions of American institutions are regarded as being located abroad.
  • Although candidates must be pursuing a full year of study or research, they may apply for the fellowship in any program year. No partial year of study or research is financially supported by an international fellowship. Programs that wrap up before the fellowship year’s April are not eligible.
  • Online and distance learning courses: Doctoral fellowships and master’s/first professional degrees supplement conventional classroom-based programs of study at colleges or institutions. The financing for online or distance learning programs, as well as degrees that heavily rely on remote learning, is not available through this fellowship program. AAUW will have the last say on what qualifies as distant learning for the purposes of these fellowships. Applications from candidates who are momentarily studying remotely because of COVID-19 safeguards at their institution will be accepted by AAUW.

Selection Standards

  • Special consideration will be given to applicants who are living in their home country at the time of application, are from developing or emerging nations, or are members of underrepresented groups in any region.
  • when returning to one’s country of origin.
  • educational background and/or professional experience.
  • demonstrated dedication to advancing women and girls in the country of origin.
  • a suggested timetable.
  • quality and viability of the suggested study or research concept.
  • proof of earlier community and/or civic involvement in one’s own country.
  • country’s requirement for particular knowledge or abilities.
  • demand for money.
  • a driving force behind research or graduate school.


Visit AAUW Fellowship for further details.

AAUW International Fellowships 2023 for Women to study


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