AFFORDABLE NUTRITION SCALE-UP CHALLENGE (funding upto €250,000 per project)

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Expires on June 15, 2023 | Scaling Up Affordable Nutrition Challenge (funding upto €250,000 per project) | AFFORDABLE NUTRITION SCALE-UP CHALLENGE

Ensure that more people have sustainable access to wholesome food. Each of the potential 10 winners will receive services worth €25,000 from EIT Food and Blendhub to help scale and market their powder-based product. There is potential for further funding of up to €250,000 per project.


Hunger, malnutrition, food waste, food insecurity, sustainability, affordability, etc. are a few of the issues that come to mind while considering the world’s food issues. When faced with these difficulties, we immediately turn to food innovation. Finding new raw material sources, creating substitute nutrient-dense solutions, and achieving more sustainable and cost-effective methods are all difficult tasks that require innovation along the entire food supply chain. Market segmentation, high development costs, a lack of data to ensure success and effective supply chains, and reaching mass-market food quality are just a few of the challenges faced by new food enterprises. When creating and purchasing a food product, both the maker and the consumer must take into account a number of elements. These variables include the pricing, dietary preferences, provenance of the raw materials, mouthfeel, texture, and taste. To do this, food corporations may reduce the product’s quality in an effort to reduce costs, or they may rely on current solutions, which as of today, we know are not long-term sustainable nor meet the nutritional needs they claim to.

Title: Scaling Up Affordable Nutrition Challenge
Nationality: Global
Amount: funding upto €250,000 per project)
Deadline: June 15, 2023
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Together with EIT’s proven track record and global network, Blendhub’s expertise in powder-based food products can assist food firms in overcoming these innovation barriers and shortening the time it takes to develop, test, and introduce a new product to the market. etc., providing consumers with more wholesome, pricier, and healthier food options.

Making sure that more people have access to wholesome, sustainably produced food is the aim of this challenge.

What We Search For

EIT Food and Blendhub are seeking any businesses, including but not restricted to start-ups and scale-ups, that offer components or recipes that assist the development of wholesome and environmentally friendly diets in the EU.

Proposals must approximate a Technical Readiness Level of 6 or higher and show a level of maturity consistent with a go-to-market within a realistic time frame of no more than two years.

It must be possible to create the proposed product from powder.

The suggestions may be based on a complete, already-available recipe or a cutting-edge, unique ingredient that has received FSA approval for use in food.

There are two possible suggested solutions:

  • A novel recipe that uses powder or a recipe that has been significantly enhanced with regard to cost, texture, flavor, mouthfeel, or nutritional content.
  • An inventive (perhaps underutilized) powder-based ingredient to be used in a recipe or formula for a finished product.
  • A better powder-based recipe that makes it possible to target new markets.
  • In light of the aforementioned, we encourage submissions that touch on one or more of the following tracks:
Track 1: Drinking-related goods

We are looking for healthy and sustainable beverage options. We’ve found that consumers can enhance a variety of health aspects through these food products, including immunity, a healthy gut and digestion, managing weight reduction, and even preventing cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases.

Sports nutrition options, dietary supplements, alternative protein sources, beverages made from sustainable components and/or local raw materials are some examples of beverage solutions. They could also include nutritional drinks, instant shakers, both for meal replacement and/or diet fortification. All of them while keeping in mind that they ought to begin with a food powder formula.

Track 2: Dairy Alternatives and Products

How can we provide correct nutrition, maintain regional mouthfeel and taste preferences, and decrease the environmental effect of dairy products?

We are searching for cutting-edge methods and answers to enhance or replace dairy products. Probiotics, postbiotics, and prebiotics, new protein sources, dairy substitutes with comparable protein and nutrition profiles, technologies that improve the preservation of flavor and texture, novel approaches to decrease the impact of allergens, etc., are a few examples of potential solutions. These goods could include yogurt, cheese, shakes, and other conventional dairy items, as well as any type of dairy- or plant-based beverage.

Track 3: Bakery

We consume a lot of bakery goods in our diet. Help us address the issues around sustainability and health in this significant food sector. Can the escalation of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus be stopped? Can we identify transport and raw material processing for bakeries that are more environmentally friendly?

These solutions could involve eliminating gluten and other allergens, using locally sourced raw materials, lowering the sugar content while maintaining texture and flavor, creating creative approaches for fat-free baking, creating new recipes to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation of ingredients, discovering whole grains with high dietary fiber content and new superfoods, etc.

EIT Meals

The goal of EIT Food is to improve the value of food to European society by changing how it is produced, distributed, and consumed. By tackling the toughest innovation challenges with the help of dependable industrial, academic, and research partners, EIT Food accelerates innovation to create a food system that is fit for the future and produces nutritious and sustainable food for everyone. By fostering links between startups and corporations, food entrepreneurs and investors, consumers and industry, research and action, ideas and realities, and the present and future, we encourage new ideas and developments across the whole food system.


By establishing a worldwide network of multi-localized Food-as-a-Service hubs nearer to raw materials and end users, Blendhub seeks to improve the efficiency and transparency of supply chains in order to sustainably feed everyone everywhere. The Food-as-a-Service model from Blendhub makes it easier than ever for individuals and businesses to develop and market healthy and reasonably priced food products that are customized to local tastes and costs anywhere in the world. For a more thorough look at Blendhub’s idea-to-market process, watch the following videos: Blendhub: From conception to sale

Why we are collaborating

Powder-based food items, in our opinion, have a lot of potential to help address major issues with the food system, such as malnutrition, logistics and scale, quality control, and personalisation. We can hasten the time to market and enable global scalability of ideas that support the EIT Food aims by working with Blendhub.


A jury committee will choose the most promising proposals based on predetermined standards (see below). Applications may be submitted between April 12 and June 15, 2023. The winning efforts will be revealed at an award ceremony and presentation event (date TBD).

Title: Scaling Up Affordable Nutrition Challenge
Nationality: Global
Amount: funding upto €250,000 per project)
Deadline: June 15, 2023
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Prize Package

Each of the potential ten winners will get an award package with services totaling €25,000. Each Winner’s solution will be developed using these Blendhub services, creating the opportunity for more financing from EIT Food.
Blendhub will use the prize package to implement its strategy for each winner.
Phase 1 will employ several services in conjunction with Blendhub; a description of each is provided below.
Phase 2 may offer the chance to allocate up to €250,000 in additional cash (see below).
EIT Food will assess the projects and business plans of the winners following the viability development phase (Phase 1) in light of potential future funding in an optional Phase 2.

EIT Food will allot money in accordance with its regulations for doing so to maintain the development and scaling up of the business strategy to enter the market. Although there won’t be a limit on how many winners will receive funding, EIT Food has the right to choose whether or not to accept and support any ideas.

Judging Standards

We are seeking start-ups and scale-ups with components or recipes that help the development of wholesome and environmentally friendly diets in the EU.

The TRL level for proposals is expected to be 6 and up, indicating a degree of maturity consistent with a go-to-market within a realistic time frame not exceeding 2 years.

It must be possible to create the proposed product from powder.

The suggestions may be based on an original novel ingredient or a complete, currently available dish.

The following should be included in submissions:

  • Description of the suggested fix
  • bios of the team members
  • TRL level letter of intent from a business or anything demonstrating a business’s considerable interest in your initiative (if this is not your own business)
  • High-level research on the market or markets you want to target
  • a high-level sales plan

How to Submit

Submit your application between April 12, 2023 and June 15, 2023 at 11:59pm CET (1 minute before midnight).

You will have to create an account before filling out the form and answering to the questions requested. You will be able to save a draft version before completing and validating your submission. Once ready to submit, you will be asked to agree with the Rules & Regulations governing the Affordable Nutrition Scale-Up Challenge. The Rules & Regulations document can be found below for your review.

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Download Scaling Up Nutrition Challenge’s Rules and Regulations, Here

Title: Scaling Up Affordable Nutrition Challenge (funding upto €250000)
Nationality: Global
Amount: funding upto €250,000 per project)
Deadline: June 15, 2023
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