Future Generation Art Prize 2023

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Deadline: Varying | Future Generation Art Prize 2023

About the  Prize

The only award for today’s emerging artists with a global scope and an online application process that is free, transparent, and democratic is the biennial Future Generation Art Prize. The Prize brings together the greatest in the art world to support a new generation of artists, with the support of a distinguished board, distinguished jury, and excellent selection committee.

The Prize sustainably supports artists all around the world with its $100,000 reward and dedication to commissioning new works.

With a global network of more than 600 partner outlets and 400 correspondents, the Prize enjoys the support of its exceptional partners who serve as ambassadors and urge artists to submit applications.

Title: Future Generation Art Prize 2023
Nationality: Global
Amount: $100,000
Deadline: Varying
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All artists under the age of 35 are welcome to submit their work without limitations on their gender, race, nationality, or preferred artistic media.

Through an online open call, the artists submit their applications.

  • Additionally, a minimum of two and a maximum of five nominees will be proposed by 300 correspondent art specialists from around the globe. Curators, artists, critics, and instructors at art colleges and academies are the experts. All artists, with the exception of previous Prize winners, are permitted to submit more than one application as long as they continue to meet the requirements.
  • Up to twenty artists may be chosen for the exhibition once the applications have been reviewed by the selection committee. Applications that do not adhere to the rules may be excluded by the selection committee. The selecting committee is made up of authorities on modern art. The jury proposes the candidates for the selection committee. One Committee member is suggested by each Jury member.

Requirements for Entry

a) Participants’ ages at the time of application must fall between 18 and 35;

b) Participants must complete all fields on the application form and attach a photo or video of three to seven of their artworks that adhere to the entry form’s size restrictions.

c) The participant’s original work must be included in the artwork. The participant hereby represents and warrants that he or she is fully entitled to and has the right to submit the work in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and that, as of the time of submission, he or she will not enter into any agreements or other commitments that may limit their ability to participate in the Prize or in the Prize Exhibition in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

d) During the Application Session, each participant may only submit one application;

e) A group of artists may apply as a single participant, and concurrently, each artist who is a part of the group may apply as a distinct participant;

f) Each participant accepts the Selection Committee’s invitation to participate in the Prize Exhibition;

g) Each participant consents to granting the organizers the full right to publish and communicate with a picture of his or her work without payment as long as it does not harm or is not meant to harm their reputation as artists;

h) To ensure adherence to the Terms and Conditions, the Organizers may at any time evaluate entry forms and other information given by participants;

i) After submitting an entry form, a participant cannot change it or any other information;

j) Participation in the Prize and registration are free;

k) The Organizers reserve the right to request at any time that a participant provide all necessary evidence to support the veracity of any information given;

l) Once a participant receives an email confirming receipt of their application, it is regarded accepted. The participant will not receive email confirmation if the entry form does not adhere to these Terms and Conditions;

m) Applications from participants that do not adhere to the Terms and Conditions may be excluded unilaterally by the Organizers and the Selection Committee;

n) The Future Generation Art Prize, established in Ukraine and administered by Ukrainian foundation, will not accept submitted Russian and Belarusian applicants due to the Russian unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine supported by the Belarusian government and partially launched from the territory of Belarus. Both the citizenship and the country of residency are meant by this.

Title: Future Generation Art Prize 2023
Nationality: Global
Amount: $100,000
Deadline: Varying
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The Prize

  • The Prize is a global award for contemporary art that seeks to find, honor, and sustain a new generation of artists. The Prize makes a significant contribution to the open engagement of young artists in the vibrant cultural growth of civilizations going through global change.
  • Leading international artists’ strong support for the next generation of artists and the future of art will be highlighted by the Prize.
  • An international panel will bestow the Grand Prize, which entails a cash reward of $100,000, on one person or group of players.
  • The prize money will be distributed as follows: US$ 60,000 in cash; US$ 40,000 will be used to fund the creation of new work.
  • The method and specifics of payment will be decided upon separately with the winner.
  • For the Special Prize winner’s artist-in-residence programs, an additional $20,000 will be set aside.


Any piece of art may be submitted, regardless of its genre or medium.


  • Within the time frame listed on the website (the “Application Session”), Participants may submit applications via the website. All applications received beyond this time period won’t be taken into consideration.
  • Following the application deadline, the International Expert Committee will compile and choose the applications for the Selection Committee, which consists of seven members chosen by the jury.
  • The Selection Committee will then review the applications and select a shortlist of twenty artists, whose names will be revealed in June of the same year. These artists will exhibit the works of art they mentioned in their applications as part of the Prize Exhibition, and, if the Organizers approve, they may also produce new pieces especially for the Prize Exhibition.
  • There will be a total of 21 artists in the Prize Exhibition thanks to the participation of the national PinchukArtCentre Prize winner. Regarding the members’ schedule availability, the organizers reserve the right to change this schedule. The shortlisted artists’ names as well as the Prize winner’s name will be announced on the website.

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Title: Future Generation Art Prize 2023
Nationality: Global
Amount: $100,000
Deadline: Varying
WhatsApp Link: Click Here
Telegram Link: Click Here

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