Attend the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science with an IAS Scholarship in 2023

Late Deadline: 3rd May 2023 | call for applications for 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science

To attend the 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science in 2023, submit an application for an IAS scholarship. The 12th IAS Conference on HIV Science, or IAS 2023, will virtually take place from July 23 to July 26 in Brisbane, Australia. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will host IAS 2023, which will highlight global advancements in HIV research.


The world’s most significant conference for HIV research and its applications is the IAS Conference on HIV Science. The important developments in basic, clinical, and operational HIV research that translate science into policy and practise are presented at this biennial conference. The meeting, which features extremely diverse and cutting-edge research, establishes the gold standard for HIV science through its open and inclusive programme.



12th IAS Conference on HIV Science


ALL Africans / Developing Nations


Conference / scholarship


late Deadline: 3rd May 2023


9 months

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For IAS 2023, the International AIDS Society will provide both physical and online scholarships. In your application, you can specify the kind of attendance you want as well as the kinds of financial help you’ll need to attend. Be aware that due to the strong demand, not all of the chosen candidates may be able to receive full scholarships or in-person awards.




·      If you are at least 18 years old on July 23, 2023, you are eligible to enrol. Those who work, volunteer, or pursue education in the HIV field are also encouraged to apply.

·      The pursuing applicants will be given precedence:



·      Those who will be presenting abstracts whose submissions were accepted for the conference.

·      Applicants from underdeveloped and developing nations.

·      Applicants who are HIV-positive and belong to important populations.

·      Below-35-year-old junior investigators and young persons.

·      Candidates who have never been awarded a scholarship for an IAS conference.




All qualified applicants must upload a letter of recommendation and answer inquiries about their background, expertise, and reasons for wanting to attend the conference in order to be considered for a scholarship. English must be used in all responses. The basic requirements for this letter must be met are as follows:


·      Presented in English

·      Include a letterhead from the company, organisation, or institution serving as your referee.

·      dated within two months of the application’s submission, with the referee’s original or electronic signature.

·      Mention you specifically, vouch for your scholarship application, and encourage your participation at IAS 2023

·      Candidates will be able to choose their preferred type of attendance and the various forms of financial assistance they require on the application form.


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