Productive Use of Solar Energy (PUSE) Financing Program 2023

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Deadline: 24th March 2023

Apply now for the Productive Use of Solar Energy (PUSE) Financing Program 2023.

A pilot project called “Financing Solutions for Local Productive Use of Solar Energy Entrepreneurs in East Africa’s Agriculture Sector” is being carried out by the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) with funding from the Mott Foundation. Aimed to increase access to Productive Use of Solar Energy (PUSE) in significant agricultural value-chains in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania for two years, from January 2023 to December 2024.

The programme makes it possible for more productive solar energy solutions scale up as well as commercialize in important agricultural value chains. This will strengthen community resilience to climate change, provide good jobs, and have other environmental and social advantages.

In order to promote the productive use of energy in the following agricultural value chains throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, KCIC is focusing on post-revenue (with annual revenues of over USD 10,000) locally owned Productive use of solar businesses that provide distributed renewable energy (Solar) solutions.

Financial support
  • Kenya Climate Innovation Center will support successful applicants through a Performance Based Contract support once they meet the criteria for the Productive Use of Solar Energy Pilot Program and shortlisted through a competitive pitching process.
  • External Financing: KCIC will also provide transaction advisory services to entrepreneurs to be able to access third party financing such as debts, grants and equity investments.
  • A registered enterprise   and operating in Tanzania or Kenya or Uganda
  • Locally owned
  • Location: The business must be located and legally registered in Tanzania, Uganda or Kenya
  • Similarly, post revenue stage with a minimum turnover of USD 20,000 per annum
  • Team of 2+ full time employees
  • Business offerings align with this program theme of offering renewable energy to the productive Use of solar energy initiatives in the respective value chain stages

For further information, visit KCIC website

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