Fatima Al-Fihri Open University’s Internship Program 2023: Call for Applicants

Deadline:  Rolling basis | Fatima Al-Fihri Open University’s Internship Program 2023: Call for Applicants

International online non-profit Fatima Al-Fihri Open University (FAOU) is a European Digital Business registered in Estonia. Since the university’s founding in 2016, we have created courses in a variety of disciplines, including management, politics, migration, gender, etc., with professors from top-tier universities. We have developed a number of academic programs that are open to everyone and available from anywhere without prerequisites or entrance tests because we believe that everyone has the right to free and open education.

No of your age, country of origin, level of education, or cultural background, FAOU is a university that provides you with a free higher education and practical self-paced learning possibilities. We picture a prosperous, developed society 3where people have easy access to higher education. Nearly all UN and development organizations see education as a key engine of development. We are certain that we can encourage chances for lifelong learning for everyone through our relentless, meticulous effort toward the Sustainable Development Goal and the assistance of others who are inspired.

Title: Fatima Al-Fihri Open University’s Internship Program 2023: Call for Applicants
Nationality: All Nationalities
Funding: Internships
Deadline: Rolling / Ongoing
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Information on the FAOU Internship Program 2023 at Fatima Al-Fihri

Every three months, the FAOU Internship Programs are open to young people from all over the world who want to enter the workforce. This is a chance to gain professional experience while working with a global team. Since this program began in 2017, we have hosted over 400 interns from 93 different countries to date. It’s a special opportunity that lets young people work remotely, online, and with complete flexibility while they study or look for work. Both the program and the application process are free.


  • English language proficiency; familiarity with the fundamentals of computer programs;
  • at least twice weekly access to the internet;
  • the capacity to learn and function in a rapid setting;
  • the capacity to perform well in a team environment;
  • high level of motivation for professional development;
  • Ability to maintain productive professional relationships with persons from various national and cultural origins in a multicultural, multiethnic context.


  • For a post-Breakout the the the the
  • A flexible schedule (around 8 hours each week);
  • At the conclusion of the program, a certificate of completion;
  • Training remotely throughout the program;
  • Support for submitting a scholarship application or taking part in other activities and events;
  • Dynamic international workplace supported by the top team of FAOU;
  • The chance to create a diversified network of working professionals from across the world;
  • Increase your self-confidence and work on developing soft skills like management, leadership, and communication.

Open Positions/INTERNSHIPS

  • HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER: Oversee FAOU’s HR information. Respond to public issues and share information with the internal team. While putting HR policies and guidelines into action, coordinate with other HR professionals. Prepare recruitment campaigns in collaboration with the HR Manager.
  • COMMUNICATION OFFICER: Speak with prospective collaborators and benefactors. Organize cooperation between the university’s board of directors and the department of public relations. Share information and data with university teams by communicating with them. Prepare reports based on the data analysis and collection that was done.
  • Partner officer’s responsibilities include locating possible partners and creating partnership offers. Contact prospective donors and partners. Facilitate partnership talks and meetings.
  • MARKETING OFFICER: Interact with university teams to aid in data exchange and collection. Prepare reports based on the data analysis and collection that was done. Develop marketing plans to advertise the university’s name and its courses.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR: Excellent English writing abilities. Ability of making several posts on the website each week. Ability to modify images (access to a photo designer’s assistance).
  • SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER: Excellent English writing abilities. Possessing the ability to manage social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. innovative suggestions for engaging the audience and gaining more followers.
  • OFFICER OF PEDAGOGICAL AFFAIRS: The capacity to participate in a team that is creating educational programs. the capacity to examine data and reports to aid in course recommendation for the university. being able to create pedagogical documents (From University Templates). Look for and get in touch with fresh instructors and teachers (Under the supervision of managers). Facilitate and oversee one of the university’s modules (courses).
  • IT OFFICER: Knowledge of the internet and software. Support university teams as they work to resolve Technology issues.
  • Experience in the field of web design, according to the platform officer. Become a member of the platform team to assist in creating the university platform’s content.
  • PHOTO DESIGNER AND EDITOR: Create images for university-provided instructional courses.
  • VIDEO DESIGNER AND EDITOR: Create and edit videos for the University’s educational courses.
  • NEWSLETTER MANAGER: Collect project information in close collaboration with department heads and team managers. Create a monthly newsletter using all the data gathered. Talk to people one-on-one and make contact with university employees to learn about their monthly updates.

How to Apply:

Before the deadline listed in the form, interested candidates should submit an application here.

Please email contact@alfihri.org with any queries or additional information.

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