Call for Applications for Rockstart AgriFood

Call for Applications for Rockstart AgriFood | Deadline: April 7, 2023

We’re here to give founders the tools they need to influence global good.

Our ambitions were even greater than our plans. The ideal startup machine was something we sought to build. And we did it with the assistance of numerous investors, mentors, and founders.

About the Grant

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and novel business model. We support and enable founders with a purpose to scale solutions that have a positive influence on our food chain from the soil to the stomach.

Regenerative & future-proof: We search for solutions that revive our oceans and soils so they may become major CO2 capture engines.

Responsible and circular innovations are what we’re looking for because they can repurpose food waste and prevent food loss.

Consumption data: We look for technologies that make it easier for customers to get their hands on wholesome food that is both delicious and healthy.

We make early-stage investments in entrepreneurs with an emphasis on agritech and foodtech.

Through mentorship, market introductions, and co-investments up to Series B, we accelerate your scaling path.

Startups that are innovative in particular industries interest us

  • Proteins and alternative packaging
  • Data on flavors and smells
  • Smart logistics and fulfilment
  • Biomaterials that can replace plastic and chemicals
  • Upcycled nutrition technology items
  • Technology for new farming techniques
  • Tools for co2 sequestration

How to Apply

Submissions End on April 7

To apply, click here
For More Information go here, Call for Applications for Rockstart AgriFood
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