Charity Entrepreneurship CE Incubation Program 2023 ($ 200,000 in funding)

Deadline: 12th march 2023 | Charity Entrepreneurship CE Incubation Program 2023

Background on the charity entrepreneurship

In June 2018, Joey Savoie and Karolina Sarek formally established Charity Entrepreneurship as a project of the Charity Science Foundation of Canada. This initiative was the result of six months of research in 2016 and the founding of two GiveWell-incubated charities, Charity Science Health and Fortify Health.

Title: Charity Entrepreneurship CE Incubation Program 2023
Nationality: All nationalities
Funding: Stipend of $ 2,000 living costs and $ 200,000 possible funding after the Program.
Deadline: 12th day of March 2023
Study Centres  London
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Concerning the Fellowship:

  • Start one of the most successful charities in the world by enrolling in CE’s program. You can receive two months of rigorous training from CE at no cost to you.
  • You will receive the greatest evidence-based intervention from CE’s talented team of academics and businesspeople, and they will assist you in selecting the ideal co-founder.
  • By participation in genuine partner initiatives, you can learn about impact analysis, cost-effectiveness, management, and fundraising.


  • We accept candidates of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • Experience is helpful but not necessary. We train people with over a decade of expertise alongside those with little to no work experience or formal education.

Benefits after the Program


  • a seed grant of up to $200,000 (not guaranteed, but in recent years, money has gone to more than 80% of initiatives)


  • mentoring sessions with the CE team every month
  • access to a large network of possible investors and mentors
  • coaching from outside subject-matter experts (e.g., on co-founder relations or M&E)
  • assistance with WIX website design

Operation assistance

  • Receive expert operations and HR support from the CE team to help you swiftly set up your business.
  • Start by obtaining a US charitable fiscal sponsorship, which enables you to accept donations that are tax deductible.

Apply early:

You will get access to a resource list that will aid in your application process preparation.

  • We can process your application more quickly the earlier you submit it.
  • Eight weeks of the incubation program and two weeks of seed money follow.
  • The 8-week course is online and includes two in-person sessions at CE’s London office.
  • You make final adjustments to your proposal during the two-week seed-funding process, and CE Seed Network makes the ultimate award decision.
  • The program requires a full-time commitment (8+ hours per daily).

During the program

  • Living allowances throughout the duration of the incubator program (e.g., rent, wifi, food, childcare). The stipends, which average $2,000 per month, are determined by the requirements of the participants and are modified accordingly.
  • Travel and lodging expenses for the two weeks spent in London.


If you are unable to launch a charity for any reason, CE offers the following:

  • Career mentoring (we have an almost 100% success rate in matching non-founder participants with research funds, relevant jobs, and other impact-producing opportunities).
  • Stipends of two months to use as a safety net while seeking out other chances.

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