CivicTech Fellowship 2023 from Code for Africa (CfA) for Mid-Career Technologists ($1,550 Stipend)

Deadline: 19th of February 2023 | CivicTech Fellowship 2023 from Code for Africa

Do you want to use civic technology to rewire Africa’s democracy? Apply for the CivicTech Fellowship 2023 from Code for Africa (CfA). For mid-career digital strategists, digital creators, technologists, data scientists, and UX strategists/designers. To support open government advocates and partners in 55 African Union member states. Code for Africa (CfA) is providing a second round of 4-6 month CivicTech Fellowships.

As part of the Charter Project, which supports the African Union’s Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance. Successful applicants will assist a wide range of watchdog civil society organizations in developing civic technology projects. That amplify citizen voices or aid in holding governments accountable (ACDEG).

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Candidates may include

  • viral content creators,
  • digital engagement strategists,
  • UX specialists,
  • software engineers,
  • and data scientists
  • who will collaborate with partner organizations chosen through the Civic Tech Fund Africa. To build, test, and launch digital technologies that empower citizens. Candidates should be strongly committed to working in the open, using open data and open source methods. That follow international best practices, and to employing human-centered solutions.

With ongoing assistance from CfA’s internal TechLab and DataLab, as well as its design and content teams, and with strategic support from Charter Project partner institutions, ranging from policy advice and democratic governance think tanks to research support, fellows will work in multidisciplinary teams.

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Benefits for CivicTech Fellowship 2023 from Code for Africa

Included in the fellowship package are:

  • Full-time fellows will get a stipend of $1,550 per month. According on time commitment and project complexity, part-time fellows’ stipends will be negotiated.
  • Mentoring: The core TechLab and DataLab teams of CfA, which are made up of seasoned civic technologists, data scientists, and digital strategists, will provide continuing one-on-one mentoring to all fellows.
  • Networking: Fellows will make use of the African Union’s network of digital engagement partners as well as the Charter Project’s coalition of six partner organizations.
  • Showcasing: Fellows’ projects, insights, and learnings will be publicly shown at global and African digital democracy events.
  • Launchpad: Fellows will receive priority hiring rights for full-time roles with Charter Project partner organizations, such as CfA’s own expanding TechLab and DataLab.


The CivicTech Fellowships are to provide mid-career technologists or digital strategists a break to “pay it forward” and change how civil society organizations use technology to empower citizens.

Therefore, they are looking for applicants who:

  • An enthusiasm for adopting proper light-touch technology that will function dependably with little intervention in difficult environments.
  • A track record of developing and launching successful digital services or products or creating digital campaigns with a big impact.
  • Understanding of user experience (ux) design methodologies, fast prototyping, and the value of user-centered design methods.
  • Working knowledge of supporting non-technical partners or clients while working in distributed interdisciplinary teams in high-paced international situations.
  • A dedication to knowledge acquisition and knowledge exchange, both inside the charter project ecosystem and the larger global civic technology movement.
  • An adherence to open source and open data principles (and documentation), as well as knowledge of international best practices for moral data/technology use.


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