Call for proposals to stop and combat violence against children and violence based on gender: CERV-2023-DAPHNE (GIVING FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO THIRD-PARTY CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS) EUR 50,000

Deadline: 19th April 2023 | Call for proposals CERV-2023-DAPHNE


The appeal will provide funding to a small number of transnational, national, or regional actors or intermediaries that will help CSOs operating at the local, regional, and national levels by strengthening their skills and re-granting (i.e., further disbursing the grant). Through this mechanism, EU funding should aid in supporting, empowering, and increasing the capacity of independent civil society organizations engaged in the prevention and combat of all forms of gender-based violence against women and girls, as well as against LGBTIQ people, women, and children in the global community.

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In Particular;

  • delivering victim support catered to each victim’s unique needs, including specialized medical and psychological assistance, victim-centered and trauma-informed services, access to national helplines, access to justice, increased accessibility of shelters, and comprehensive assistance for workplace sexual harassment victims;
  • preventing violence, particularly by increasing awareness, educating those who may interact with victims professionally, and dealing with offenders;
  • addressing the core causes of gender-based violence, which are gender stereotypes;
  • Providing prevention, protection, and support services for (possible) children who are victims or witnesses of violence and those who need protection, including multidisciplinary collaboration, to strengthen the child protection system.
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Funding Available

  • The available indicative call budget is EUR 24 900 000.
  • The availability of the call budget still depends on the adoption of the budget 2023 by
  • the EU budgetary authority.
  • We reserve the right not to award all available funds or to redistribute them between
  • the call priorities, depending on the proposals received and the results of the evaluation.

Application Timelines:

  • Deadline: 19th April, 2023
  • Evaluation: May – August 2023

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Find more information about the Call for proposals CERV-2023-DAPHNE, Here

For further information, Download the Call for proposals CERV-2023-DAPHNE Document


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