Applications Invited for the Voiceless Grants Program 2023 (upto $ 30,000 in funding)

Call for Applications for the Voiceless Grants Program 2023 |  Applications Invited for the Voiceless Grants Program 2023

About the Organization

In order to promote pro-animal ideals and bring about long-lasting systemic change, Voiceless supports and finances influential individuals and initiatives. Animals can have fair and effective legal rights and thrive on their own terms. By upending the status quo and altering our social, political, legal, and institutional systems.

Voiceless invests in people and projects that are revolutionary, visionary, and question the current quo with the help of our advisers, board, coalitions, and partners, including eminent animal lawyers, scientists, and advocates. These include strategies that challenge prevailing anthropocentric viewpoints, aim to stop large-scale, legalized commercialized industries, and support the well-being of animals.

Voiceless, a pioneer in the field of animal protection with twenty years of expertise, delivers an annual Grants Program that will bring about significant and long-lasting change for animals based on best-practice models, philosophies, and procedures.

Regarding the Grant (Applications Invited for the Voiceless Grants Program 2023)

  • The Voiceless Grant Program assists worthwhile projects that advance our mission to build a just and equitable society where animals can live in peace.
  • Animals are subjected to a life of utter agony and deprivation in the animal-industrial complex, which is approved by social, political, and legal structures.
  • The Voiceless Grants Program aims to change the anti-animal ideals, presumptions, and assumptions that influence our political, social, legal, and economic institutions by concentrating solely on the causes of animal exploitation. We promote revolutionary, disruptive positions, creative projects, partners, and ideas that question the current quo, ensure animals have fair and effective legal rights, and realize our vision for a just and equitable where animals can flourish. Rather than working under prevailing views.
  • By upending the existing quo and changing our social, political, legal, and institutional structures, we invest in people and programs that promote pro-animal principles and bring about long-lasting systemic change.
  • We would love to hear from you if you are an animal protection changemaker.
  • Through its Theory of Change approach, The Voiceless Grants Program seeks to motivate and assist a new generation of animal protection activists.
  • Voiceless makes investments in, supports, and empowers visionary individuals and revolutionary ideas that target the underlying causes of anthropocentric mindsets and concentrate on significant social and legal system improvements.
  • We are funding initiatives that threaten the status quo and are disruptive. These include strategies that challenge prevalent anthropocentric viewpoints, change all forms of animal exploitation and legalized animal cruelty, and support the well-being of all animals.

Award Size

  • A yearly sum is available for Voiceless to invest in groups, individuals, or initiatives.
  • Every grant has a single year. Grantees who have shown real impact, though, are eligible to apply again the following year.
  • Grant amounts will range from AUD $10,000 to $30,000 and will be distributed among our 6 emphasis areas.


The Voiceless Grants Program is open to, but not limited to, First Nations organizations, diverse community and religious groups, animal advocacy organizations, animal lawyers and law educators, humane educators, academics and creatives in the field of animal studies, environmental and wildlife scientists. You might still be qualified even if you don’t fit into one of these categories.

We seek projects that have the following characteristics:

  • Addressing the underlying causes of cruel animal-based systems
  • Innovative and disruptive concepts
  • Promotion of the flourishing of animals
  • Imaginative, inventive, and unconventional thinking
  • Solutions-focused concepts
  • Growing anthropocentrism and speciesism in human mind.

The following traits in persons are ones we seek:

  • In line with the goals and principles of Voiceless
  • Fervent about protecting animals
  • Devoted to the cause of animal preservation
  • They are persistent in their efforts
  • Imaginative and unconventional thoughts
  • Youthful in spirit or age.

The following categories are where we are looking to invest:


  • Instruction on compassion and animal welfare
  • Legislative reforms, progressive policy, and lobbying efforts

Social values:

  • Promoting animal rights and eliminating speciesism, as well as qualitative and quantitative (citizen science or academic) research that advances knowledge in these areas.
  • Alternatives to animal abuse and use that are based on science and technology
  • Conferences, symposiums, cohort programs, grassroots organizing, organizational alliances, First Nation or faith-based community organizing are all examples of ways to develop networks and coalitions.


Out-of-the-box thinking, forward-thinking projects, organizations, and initiatives that go beyond established and conventional animal welfare activity.


Every year, Voiceless will conduct two grant rounds; the EOI deadlines are:

  • First round: June 30, 2023
  • Second round: November 30, 2023.

Click HERE to read more about frequently asked questions about the Voiceless Grant. (Applications Invited for the Voiceless Grants Program 2023)

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