Impact Fellowship for the AstraZeneca Young Health Program 2023 (Fully Funded to the One Young World Summit 2023 in Belfast, United Kingdom)

Deadline for Applications: March 20, 2023 | Impact Fellowship for the AstraZeneca Young Health Program 2023

Since 2016, AstraZeneca has collaborated with One Young World through its Young Health Programme (YHP). To identify and support young leaders who are addressing the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in their local communities. More than 100 young leaders have joined the One Young World Community. And attended the annual One Young World Summit thanks to a scholarship program that powers and delivers it.

This year, AstraZeneca is moving beyond scholarships to support and provide a special YHP Impact Fellowship. That gives the most influential young health professionals access to networks, financing, and development opportunities. To support them in making even more positive change.

Title: The Impact Fellowship for the AstraZeneca Young Health Program 2023
Nationality: Nationals of all non-sanctioned countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
Funding: US $10,000 grant
Deadline: March 20, 2023
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About the Impact Fellowship for the AstraZeneca Young Health Program 2023

These amazing young leaders will attend the One Young World Summit in Belfast, UK, in 2023. As a result of their partnership with One Young World, and they will also receive a US $10,000 grant. To support a particular project within their qualified non-profit organization. With a focus on underserved and marginalized groups in low- and middle-income countries. This award will help with the creation and implementation of efficient health promotion programs. We think that having access to networks, opportunities for growth, and money will result in a youth-led global health movement.

The Young Health Program at AstraZeneca – YHP serves as the foundation for and delivery partner for this Fellowship (YHP). The YHP is a vital component of AstraZeneca’s sustainability goal to leverage its skills to make a significant difference in the area where society needs it most—health. The YHP is a worldwide initiative for the prevention of disease that has a special focus on young people, ages 10 to 24, who live in unsafe surroundings and places with little resources. By targeting the major risk factors of tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, physical inactivity, poor diet, and exposure to air pollution. The YHP seeks to prevent the most prevalent non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory illness.

Target 3.4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for a reduction in premature deaths attributable to NCDs by one third by 2030, is supported by YHP activities.

Conditions for Eligibility

Aged 18 – 30.

  • Nationals of all non-sanctioned countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Candidates must show that they have made a beneficial contribution to the fight against non-communicable diseases in young people.
  • The Fellows will not be supplied with internet access or a device (computer, phone, etc.) that will enable them to take part in live, online Fellowship sessions.
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Applicants must be the founders or executives of legally established non-profit organizations that fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • have been active and registered for at least three complete years.
  • have reported total revenue in the most recent financial year that was greater than $50,000 but less than $1,000,000 USD.
  • are “funding-ready” and capable of providing the necessary papers (in English) to AstraZeneca’s grantmaking partner, the Charities Aid Foundation, to confirm their organization’s nonprofit status, governance, and financial situation. Once Fellows are chosen, this procedure, which normally takes 3-6 months to complete, will start. The organization’s ability to receive the grant and the Fellowship may be affected if the necessary documentation is not available. By October 2023, we hope to have distributed all grants, and by October 2023 to April 2024, we hope to have begun all projects. By December 2024, all projects must be finished.
  • operate in communities with little resources. These are probably located in low- or lower-income nations or situations.

The initiative must enable young people (aged 12 to 24) to control their health in order to avoid non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in their neighborhood. Applicants must be able to design a 6 to 12 month project that meets these criteria.

  • Focuses on addressing the five main behavioral risk factors for ncds (tobacco use, physical inactivity, alcohol abuse, poor diet, and air pollution) as well as the five primary NCD risk factors (cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, type II diabetes)
  • Works with vulnerable or marginalized young people and is inclusive and non-discriminatory in its approach.
  • Is quantified and able to show impact. An end-of-year and end-of-grant report is required from organizations, and it must include information such as the overall number of young people directly contacted, changes or improvements over time, lessons learned, and impact.
  • starts in October 2023 and is finished in December 2024.

Funding is not available for projects that carry out any of the following:

  • Discriminate against their beneficiaries or actively advance political or religious ideas.
  • Use the money to give grants or monetary donations to other businesses or people.
  • Be mostly a medical course or courses.
  • Offer scholarships, tuition, bursaries, or fees for a current course.
  • Provide care, advertise medications, give medical counsel, or finance medications.
  • Benefit the commercial operations of astrazeneca.
  • Last for more than a year.
  • Either either occurred or are anticipated to begin before november 2023.
  • Be more than 50% supported from sources other than the step up! Grant.

The One Young World Summit and YHP Impact Fellowship are expected of the chosen individuals. They risk losing their eligibility for grants and scholarship benefits if they make false statements or fail to fully participate and finish the verification process on time.

The YHP Impact Fellowship and OYW Summit participant’s participation may be withdrawn if, following selection, the screening and verification procedure determines that the organizations do not match the qualifying standards as stated above.


  • The One Young World Summit 2023 will be open to all delegates from 2–5 October 2023 in Belfast, United Kingdom.
  • fly via plane from your nation to Belfast on the way back (flights in economy only). The staff in charge of OYW delegate services will book the flights.
  • Belfast hotel accommodations for stays beginning on October 1 and ending on October 6. The OYW delegate services staff will arrange hotel accommodations.
  • incorporate in their catering:
  • On October 2, dinner.
  • From October 3 to 5, breakfast, lunch, and supper are included. Morning meal on October 6
  • a travel reimbursement of up to £48 per day for expenses made getting to Belfast as well as on the “before” and “after” Summit days of October 1, 2, and 6.
  • reimbursement of the £105 application price for a visiting visa to the UK (if applicable)
  • Public transportation is used to return from the airport to the accommodation.
  • Access to the pre-programme for the AstraZeneca Young Health Programme Scholarship on October 2.
  • access to the YHP Impact Fellowship at AstraZeneca. To assist Scholars in increasing their influence, the Fellowship will offer a variety of live and self-taught learning and development opportunities throughout the year. To name a few, but not all of them:
  • One year of access to the One Young World Academy. The OYW Academy is an online learning environment that equips young leaders with the knowledge and resources they need to address some of the most pressing issues confronting our planet.
  • participation in a university-accredited, highly-regarded online mini-MBA program with 12 months of material access.
  • Opportunities for education and growth related to professional skills and the prevention of NCDs.
·      A $10,000 USD grant to support the execution of a 6–12 month project focusing on NCD prevention. After attending the OYW Summit, there will be an invitation to join the YHP Alumni Group and network with other young health leaders from around the world.
  • Acceptance of the grant is contingent upon the scholar’s organization passing due diligence and verification checks completed by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Application Process For Impact Fellowship for the AstraZeneca Young Health Program 2023

One Young World will Judge the applications using the Following standards:

  • Demonstrated dedication to tackling non-communicable illnesses in a local, national, or international context, with a focus on programs for children’s and adolescents’ health, disease prevention, and/or social determinants of health.
  • Having the ability to mobilize stakeholders around a cause or problem through leadership.
  • A value-driven, entrepreneurial aptitude for innovation and problem-solving.
  • Concern for both local and international issues.
  • Knowledge of teamwork and collaboration in the pursuit of a common objective.
  • Through participation in the Summit and receipt of the funding, there is a chance for future influence or the capacity to expand their activity.
  • They will choose Seven Impact Fellowship grantees from a shortlist of applicants that One Young World will submit for an evaluation by the YHP.
  • Following selection, the Charities Aid Foundation will verify the eligibility of each organization to receive the grant for the seven chosen winners.

Apply for the Fellowship Here if yoou have carefully read the Eligibility Criteria

For Additional Information

Visit the One Young World Young Health Programme Impact Fellowship 2023 official website.

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