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Apply by March 31, 2023 | The Land Accelerator Africa

The Land Accelerator is launching applications for their Fifth Cohort in

Africa. The program is  the world’s first training and mentorship program

targeted specifically toward businesses that restore degraded forests,

farmland, and pasture. Participants leave the program ready to connect with

potential investors so that they can take their business to the next stage

of growth.


The Land Accelerator is a networking platform and training program for business owners that rebuild damaged farmland and forests. When the cohort comes together in person, an intense workshop lasting a week serves as its foundation. The program does not require equity and there is no price to enroll.

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Eligibility: Would you be interested in joining as an entrepreneur?

This program is ideal for you if you’re trying to restore a damaged environment, want to learn quickly, and need to raise money for your business enterprise. Applications are now being accepted from businesspeople in Africa and Latin America.

The Land Accelerator gives entrepreneurs in Africa with mentorship and networking opportunities, technical training, and seminars to improve their storytelling and pitching abilities in order to help the AFR100 Initiative’s objective of restoring 100 million hectares of land by 2030.

The training gives participants more confidence to network with possible investors and advance their company’s growth. Since 2018, the program has drawn close to 3,400 applications from Africa, and its 196 graduates from 45 countries claim that they have worked with 250,000 farmers to support 9,000 jobs and rehabilitate 201,000 hectares.

How does the program appear?

Since 2021, 100 of the best land restoration entrepreneurs from around the continent have been invited to join WRI and our partners at AFR100 and Fledge for a virtual business accelerator. All nations in sub-Saharan Africa are invited to submit applications, free of charge.

Top 100 members will gain from:

  • Exclusive weekly trainings from professionals for three months.
  • 3 months of access to Fledge’s online training courses for new businesses.
  • templates for writing content that will help your company succeed.
  • Mentors who will share their experience will hold weekly office hours.
  • Weekly networking events to talk with and pick the brains of other business owners in your cohort.
  • A $5000 innovation grant will be awarded to those who satisfy all program attendance requirements.
  • Entrepreneurs will have access to trainings and tools to achieve the following tasks at the program’s conclusion:
  • A captivating one-minute elevator presentation that will attract investors, clients, and new partners.
  • a pitch deck of 10–12 slides that is intended for investors.
  • a plan for measuring, managing, and selling environmental indicators.
  • To see their growth estimates and determine their capital needs, they created a three to five-year financial model.
  • increased assurance in the goals and activities of their company.
  • To apply for a Land Accelerator investment pack.Which the top 15 entrepreneurs will get, the top 100 entrepreneurs must complete the virtual course.

The investment kits’ recipients will gain:

  • a minimum $5,000 reward for each innovation.
  • a coaching session to create a grant and investment strategy with a Land Accelerator organizer.
  • a 90-minute group meeting with mentors from the Land Accelerator who gave individualized feedback
  • a one-on-one conversation to discuss all of the materials provided throughout the program in detail with a mentor from the Land Accelerator.
  • the chance to deliver a three-minute business pitch at the Land Accelerator Demo Day,
  • a gathering of prize winners and investors from across the continent that will be in person or online.
  • the chance to network with other business owners while learning from successful entrepreneurs and educators at the Land Accelerator Impact Days in Malawi, scheduled for October 16–20, 2023.

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