Lead2030 Challenge from Credit Suisse for SDG 14 (Fully Funded to the One Young World Summit 2023, Belfast, Ireland, $50,000 USD in funding)

March 1st, 2023 deadline for applications | Lead2030 Challenge from Credit Suisse for SDG 14

CS recently launched a for-return product to offer to its clients, in collaboration with the World Bank, in recognition of the urgent need to direct capital towards ocean conservation. This product helps finance ocean conservation projects ranging from the establishment of Marine Protected Areas to aiding in the prevention of marine waste.


Lead2030 Challenge from Credit Suisse for SDG 14




$50,000 USD


March 1st, 2023



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Credit Suisse is pleased to support SDG 14 and the Lead 2030 Challenge. The Challenge aims to identify and support impactful businesses that want to close the gap in attaining SDG 14 as much as possible. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their business plans to Credit Suisse for consideration if they operate for-profit businesses that support the improvement of ocean health in any way.


·      Evidently in line with the challenge of SDG 14. View “About.”

·      founded by a person between the ages of 18 and 30.

·      For-profit: Have a for-profit business strategy and be registered.

·      Focused: A clearly defined time frame, a list of the main beneficiaries and stakeholders, and planned outcomes that make sense.

·      Proven: The solution is now being tested, used, or scaled up.

·      Impactful: The solutions must have a favorable societal impact, such as creating possibilities for employment or skill development or improving educational outcomes.

·      Measurable: The social impact of the proposed solution must be sufficiently assessed and/or quantified.

·      Financially successful organizations must be capable of operating effectively and sustaining themselves on their own, either through the resources they produce or the investments and donations they draw.

·      Scalable: Possibility of increasing impact after enlarging in size or scope and/or into new areas.


The reward for the best answer is:

·      Sponsorship for attendance at the 2023 One Young World Summit

·      Grant from Credit Suisse of $50,000 USD

·      Twelve months of mentoring from a group of Credit Suisse experts. Based on the demands of your project or organization, the mentoring team will work to speed your solution, such as:

·      Business tactics

·      Best strategies for gathering data

·      Monitoring and assessment

·      Designing products


·      1 March 2023: Deadline for applications.

·      Candidates who have been shortlisted are notified and invited to submit second-round applications on March 9, 2023.

·      Deadline for second round applications is March 23, 2023.

·      Dates for candidate interviews are March 13–24, 2023.

·      2023-04-27: Winner of the challenge is announced.

For Additional Information about Lead2030 Challenge from Credit Suisse for SDG 14

Visit the Lead2030 Challenge for SDG 14 and Click Here to Apply.

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