The Digital Challenge 2023 for African Startups (AFD) is offering a prize of €150,000.

23 February 2023 is the application deadline FOR The Digital Challenge 2023 for African Startups (AFD) is offering a prize of €150,000.



For the sixth year running, AFD Group has increased its support for African start-ups and digital players. The AFD Digital Challenge’s yearly goal has been to find these projects, promote them, and hastily advance their growth since 2016.

The AFD Digital Challenge’s most recent iteration is focused on using digital technology in the cultural and creative industries. The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are an important engine for social and economic advancement in addition to being a location for entertainment. These sectors play a role that extends beyond their capacity to generate profit since they actively support social inclusion, cohesiveness, the valorization of African traditions, and citizen emancipation.



The Digital Challenge 2023 for African Startups (AFD) is offering a prize of €150,000.


 African Nationalities




23 February 2023



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Conditions for Eligibility


One of the six primary economic sectors of the Cultural and Creative Industries is represented by your digital project.

·      One of the three problems listed below has a digital solution thanks to your project.

·      changing the ways that cultural and creative goods and services are produced and consumed



·      Increasing the worth of African cultural traditions and legacy


·      Promoting equitable access to artistic and cultural resources


·      Your idea is now in one of two phases: acceleration (business model and user market defined with an indicative annual turnover of 18 000 to 250 000€) or seed (prototyping or beginning of commercialization with an indicative annual turnover of 0 to 18 000€).

·      Your project is based legally in one or more African nations.

·      Your project has an own, self-sustaining business model.

·      Digital technology is the cornerstone of your approach.


Application Methodology:


Two sections make up the electronic application form:


An administrative part outlining the Participant’s administrative and legal status (company name, date of creation, governance, etc.).


A component of the project that focuses on the qualitative elements of the business venture that the Participant has proposed within the context of the Challenge (business objective, turnover, description of the service/product, etc.).




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Visit the AFD Digital Challenge 2023 Official Website.


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