Scholarships under the 2023 EU-ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Program to Study in Nigeria, Senegal, and Cape Verde (Fully-funded)

Deadline: 10th of February 2023 | The EU-ECOWAS Scholarships Programme on Sustainable Energy

The EU-ECOWAS Scholarships Programme on Sustainable Energy 2023 is currently accepting applications. For the benefit of qualified students from ECOWAS member states active in the energy sector, the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship program offers scholarships for master’s degrees in the sustainable energy sector at specialized universities in West Africa (Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo).



The EU-ECOWAS Scholarships Programme on Sustainable Energy 2023


 ECOWAS member states




10th of February 2023



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The program aims to increase access to high-quality training in the sustainable energy sector in West Africa by enabling university graduates, with a focus on young professionals (speaking English, French, and Portuguese) in the member states of ECOWAS, to develop the profile necessary to meet the rising demand for experts at the highest level in the field of sustainable energy and to support good governance of the sector in the area.




There are two different sorts of scholarships offered under the program:


·       Mobile Scholarships: Selected scholars are given the opportunity to pursue their master’s degrees at colleges and universities outside of their home countries. The award will cover the costs of education, living expenses, travel, a research grant, insurance, and visas.

·       Stationary Scholarships: Candidates are chosen to finish their master’s degree programs at universities in their home countries. The award will cover the scholars’ research funding and tuition. There will also be a small stipend to help with travel and living expenses.




·       The EU-ECOWAS Scholarship application form solicits comments from candidates who are eager to finish a master’s degree at one of the universities that have been shortlisted in the energy industry. The following factors will be compared during the analysis stage of the scholarship selection process to the data obtained through the application form:


·       Be residents of the ECOWAS area or Mauritania and nationals of one of those countries;

·       possess a First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) degree, at the very least;

·       have pursued studies in at least one of the following fields: law, economics, finance, planning, mechanical engineering, energy and environment (including renewable energy and energy efficiency), electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and a bachelor’s degree in at least one of these fields;

·       Work experience in West Africa’s energy sector will be advantageous;

·       hold (at least) provisional admission to a program of study that has been approved at the time the scholarship has been approved;

·       Both employed and unemployed candidates are eligible for the scholarship. Working candidates must provide a letter from their employer granting them permission to finish the course for the duration of the program;

·       commitment to begin internships during the course of study; commitment to publish at least 1 practice-oriented research before the end of the program.

·       Application is particularly recommended for female candidates. If there are more qualified applicants than open positions, they will be rated based on their most recent academic performance and work history.



Shortlisted Institutions & Masters’ Degree Programs


Only those higher education institutions that have opened their doors to applications may you apply to for relevant courses there:


University of Obafemi Awolowo


·       Energy Planning and Management Master of Science

·       Environmental Technology Management Master’s Degree

·       Electrical Power Engineering M.Sc.

·       Energy Systems Engineering and Science for M.Sc.

Nigerian University in Nsukka


·       Renewable and New Energy Systems, M.Eng./M.Sc.

·       Engineering Power M.Eng./M.Sc.

·       Sustainable Energy Materials Engineering, M.Eng.

·       Industrial Electronics and Power Devices, M.Eng./M.Sc.

·       Energy Policy, Regulation, and Management University of Cheikh Anta Diop, M.Eng./M.Sc (UCAD)


·       Master of Science in Physical and Applied Sciences, Specialization in Solar Energy Materials and Systems (M.Sc (SOLMATS)

·       UCAD will only accept applicants who have earned a MASTER 1 in physics from a CAMES member institution.

·       The University of Cape Verde


Application for a Global Interuniversity Master’s Program in Energy Decarbonization


Applications are now being accepted for universities in Senegal, Cape Verde, and Nigeria. The deadline for submission is Friday, February 10, 2023, at 18.00 WAT.


The following documents must be submitted for validation by successful applicants:


·       Identification documents, such as a national identity card or a passport,

·       Mauritania resident certificate or ECOWAS residency certificate

·       A copy of the letter of provisional admission from one of the universities on the short list, received academic transcripts, and

·       Any other records to support the information on the application form

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