Scholarships for young Africans in social media marketing that are meta/aggressive for good

Scholarships for young Africans in social media marketing that are meta/aggressive for good | Deadline for Submissions: January 29, 2023



According to a LinkedIn analysis from 2022, social media managers have the third fastest year-over-year career growth among all marketing positions. For this reason, Ingressive For Good and Meta have teamed up to offer 1500 African youths free access to social media marketing training.


What You’ll Learn


The major social media platforms and digital marketing will both be introduced in this session. You’ll discover:



·      How to manage content calendars and produce interesting content

·      The fundamentals of social media marketing

·      How to determine whether your social media updates were successful

·      How to evaluate and improve social media marketing initiatives.

·      even more

Where will the training be held?


The Coursera platform will be used for the online training. You already have access to the course on the platform. The course and learning modules are visible. There is no set schedule because it is self-paced. Your schedule is entirely up to you. But the training is over in six weeks.




You will receive unrestricted access to the course for a predetermined amount of time thanks to a collaboration between I4G and Meta.




Despite the self-paced nature of the program, your scholarship will only be valid for six weeks.




After finishing the full curriculum, Coursera will award you with a professional certificate. You will also have two free chances to take the Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification Exam during the sessions. In addition to the Coursera certificate, you will receive a Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification Badge if you succeed.


Career Potential


Once your training is complete, you will have unique access to the I4G alumni and the Meta Career Programs Job Board, where you will have access to more than 200 employers.


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