Apply to The Baobab Network: $ 50,000 in funding

Apply to The Baobab Network: $ 50000 in funding. We have stopped the application screening process while Cohort 3 is in progress.

You can apply for Cohort 1 of 2023 in the interim, and you will get a response from us soon.

We run a top-notch accelerator program that helps Africa’s most daring inventors expand domestic solutions.

Our accelerator program is meant to provide you with the resources and platform you need to expand your business internationally.

In exchange for 10% equity, we provide start-ups with $50,000 USD in investment as well as a 3-month cohort program that includes individualized consulting sessions lasting two weeks and specialized support. In order to scale up businesses, our venture team works with our portfolio to boost capacity, accelerate growth, and open up the next funding phases.

Who may apply?

We deal with early-stage technology startups and businesses that use technology.

We will cooperate with businesses from many industries and verticals because our mandate encompasses the entirety of Africa. If you reside and/or work in one of our main markets, then we’d want to collaborate with you. The list of industries we don’t specialize in is included in our FAQs.

What must I do in order to apply?

We advise reading through our Frequently Asked Questions and looking at the Application Form before applying.

The more information you can supply up front, the better. Applications should take between 15 to 25 minutes.

What am I supposed to submit?

We like to work with startups who have developed an MVP of their product or service or are in the early phases of scaling up because this is our area of expertise.

A few documents from you are necessary for us to assist your application (i.e. investment deck, cap table, traction document, etc.)

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