Department of State’s Small Grants Program U.S. Mission in Kenya ( Grant : $50,000)

Small Grants Program Annual Program Statement, U.S. Embassy Nairobi ($50, 000 in funding) | Department of State’s Small Grants Program U.S. Mission in Kenya


Application deadline: April 30, 2023


DETAILS OF THE PROGRAM (Department of State’s Small Grants Program U.S. Mission in Kenya)


The Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program, administered by the Public Diplomacy Section (PDS Nairobi) of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, is now accepting applications. This is an annual program statement that outlines our financing priorities, the key strategic topics, and the application procedures. Please pay close attention to every instruction below.


For the purpose of awarding small grants, PDS Nairobi is seeking applications for initiatives that would improve ties between the US and Kenya on the cultural, intellectual, and professional levels by highlighting common values and fostering cross-border cooperation. All presentations must have a component of American culture and/or a link to an American expert, organization, or institution that will advance better understanding of American politics and viewpoints. Proposals with innovative, fresh ideas that haven’t recently or previously been sponsored under the Public Diplomacy Section’s Annual Program Statement will be given preference.




Program Areas of Priority:




1. Advance democracy, the rule of law, and good governance


By concentrating on issues like rule of law, democratic governance, civic engagement, inclusive societies, media literacy, media independence, prevention of corruption, prevention of gender-based violence, and prevention of violent extremism, one can promote rule of law, democracy, and good governance.




2. Increase Climate Resilience, Including Food Security Promotion


Address the major and harmful effects of pollution and environmental degradation on people’s health, the environment, the economy, the climate, and other factors, especially in marginalized or neglected communities.




3. Encourage Access to Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art (STEAM) Education and business ventures Education and Possibilities


Make ensuring that everyone in a society, especially women and girls as well as people from underserved and marginalized areas, has equitable access to and participation in STEAM-related educational, entrepreneurial, and economic possibilities.




Regional Priorities:


Outside of Kenya’s five largest metropolitan regions, at least one-third of grant activities must take place (Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret).




Audiences and Participants:


·      Kenyans between the ages of 15 and 30, including students;


·      New voices, such as leaders in civil society and social influencers;


·      Business executives and entrepreneurs;


·      well-known opinion leaders, such as the head of a cultural or academic institution; or


·      Groups and communities that are underrepresented and underserved.




The programs listed below ARE NOT eligible for funding:


• Politically partisan-related programming;


• Developmental or charitable initiatives;


• Construction initiatives;


• initiatives that assist particular religious pursuits;


• Fundraising initiatives;


• advocating for particular laws or initiatives;


• Academic study that is specific or scientific;


• initiatives primarily focused on the organization’s institutional development or growth;


• Scholarships or financial aid for tuition;


• Business or profit-making endeavors, especially initial funding; or


• Applications that replicate other applications.


Additional Information 



Download all the required Application forms HERE

All Applications will be sent to the emails below


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Department of State’s Small Grants Program U.S. Mission in Kenya 



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