Aquatic Invasive Species Grants to Great Lakes Tribes – Fiscal Year 2023 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative ($90,000 in funding)

Aquatic Invasive Species Grants to Great Lakes Tribes | Fiscal Year 2023 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative | Deadline 31 December 2023 (funding $90,000)


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) anticipates awarding grants to promote the creation and/or implementation of Great Lakes Tribal Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plans using funds appropriated to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) (Tribal AIS Plans).

As a result, the proposed work must be supported by a Tribal AIS Strategy, or the development of such a plan must be included in the proposal. Only Great Lakes tribes or their designee are eligible for the competitive procedure through which all tribal funding will be granted.

The proposed study must either be located inside the Great Lakes Basin or sufficiently close to the basin to significantly contribute to the prevention and/or control of AIS in the basin. Even while outreach, boat ramp inspections, and/or law enforcement operations are frequently carried out outside the Great Lakes basin, they have a significant impact when they are carried out in places where individuals are more likely to transit, potentially transferring AIS into the basin.


Deadline: 31/Dec /2023

Early discovery, quick action, and/or control initiatives outside the basin must take into account:

·      species with a high interbasin transmission potential (e.g., hydrilla in a waterbody near the Great Lakes basin that receives heavy boat use).

·      species found in a Great Lakes state that are of serious significance to the region.

·      activities where the main goal is to stop AIS from entering the Great Lakes basin.

·      In the end, we are pursuing and supporting whatever initiatives will benefit the Great Lakes Basin the most.

Only INVASIVE CARP work that has gone through the annual development and approval process for the INVASIVE CARP Action Plan of the INVASIVE CARP Regional Coordinating Committee (ICRCC) is eligible for consideration.

The ICRCC is in charge of coordinating the invasive carp effort that is funded and carried out under the Action Plan. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reviews and approves the ICRCC’s yearly work plan. Which is created with support from a different GLRI funding source and is subject to a separate review procedure.



·      $300,000 is the estimated total program funding.

·      Award maximum: $90,000

·      Award Minimum: $20,000



·      Unrestricted (i.e., available to any of the aforementioned business types) applicants are eligible, subject to any clarification in the “Additional Information on Eligibility” text section.


·      Additional eligibility details: The Great Lakes Basin’s tribal natural resource groups are invited to submit applications. Nevertheless, a tribal agency may appoint a body (of any kind) to submit the application on their behalf.


Additional Details


Service Name: Fish and Wildlife

Opening Date:

Feb 03, 2023

Closing Date:

Dec 31, 2023



The Application Window will Open on 03 FEBRUARY, CLICK HERE TO APPLY



·      Dec 31, 2023 60 days after this NOFO is published on, all pre-proposals (including Project Narrative and Budget Narrative) must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time.

·       Pre-proposals should be sent to fws3 fisheries via email.


·      Applicants will be notified via email of the approved funding levels after pre-proposals are ranked to establish funding levels for each.

·      Full proposals are required within 60 days following the funding level email notification (by 11:59 pm Central Standard Time).

Full proposals are due 60 days after receiving notice of both the Interjurisdictional AIS Grant opportunity funding level and this NOFO funding level if the grant request will be paired with an Interjurisdictional AIS Grant (solicited under a separate NOFO).

Through GrantSolutions, applicants must submit full proposal applications for the granted funding amounts.


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Aquatic Invasive Species Grants to Great Lakes Tribes 


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