Store keeper L2 Job at BGI Ethiopia

The deadline for the Storekeeper L2 job at BGI Ethiopia is on 24th of January 2023

Job description

Summary of the role

The input stores are managed and organized using general directions. using a commodity receiving voucher, receives all input materials, and distributes them to the relevant department using an issue voucher. creates periodic inventories of the commodities. Manage all of the satellite input facilities. Verify the inputs’ quantity and quality to see if they meet the required standards. Verify the store clerk’s vouchers and the stock card. creates recurring reports.

Responsibility & Tasks

  • Ensures that the packing materials and inputs are arranged properly.
  • Prepare a goods receiving voucher for the incoming supplies, and then provide a voucher once the materials have been distributed with his or her supervisor’s consent. Make sure resources are distributed according to FIFO and/or LIFO.
  • All inbound items must be received, examined, and reconciled with the purchase order. Documentation must also be processed and distributed, and any truck damage or order discrepancies must be reported and documented.
  • Delivers requested items within and between companies, keeping track of each delivery.
  • Sort all materials based on compatibility and intended purpose.
  • Label each item with the following information: material name, supplier, order number, unit, quantity, date of receipt, expiration date, and shelf location.
  • control the quantity and caliber of incoming goods, and in the event of a discrepancy, notify their supervisor.
  • Control and routine inventory taking
  • maintains a clean and organized environment in the warehouse, records area, and storage space.
  • Make sure that every item is placed on the pallet and in the appropriate shelf.
  • Make sure all cold room supplies are in the cold room, and maintain a temperature of 4–100C.
  • Organize and manage the input from the satellite storage.
  • Organize several trainings so that the employees under you have the skills necessary for the position. Observe the employees’ personal and environmental hygiene practices.
  • To take the proper action, discuss with his or her direct superior any employees who are having discipline issues.
  • whenever questioned, provide all pertinent details concerning one’s position.
  • perform any additional tasks that his immediate employer assigns.

Position Requirements for the Store keeper L2 Job at BGI Ethiopia

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in accounting, logistics and supply chain management, or a similar field of study
  • Fresh out of college with a bachelor’s degree and more than two years of brewing experience Diploma
  • Punctuality-Discipline
  • Work Productivity, Volume, and Speed
  • Teamwork and corporate spirit Asset protection

How to apply for the Store keeper L2 Job at BGI Ethiopia

  • Qualified applicants should only submit their applications through
  • click here to apply

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