Hauler Driver at The Coca-Cola Company

The applications for the Hauler Driver at The Coca-Cola Company are now open.

Principal Tasks and Responsibilities:

Product Delivery

  • Delivery of goods to the Depots within predetermined time frames based on the stock in the warehouse.
  • should be in charge of the inventory transported in the car and make sure the merchandise loaded matches the invoices.
  • As a representative of Century bottling Company blatantly exhibit your skill and willingness to communicate your work ethics and principles both at work and outside of it.
  • Must be adaptable and flexible enough to quickly adjust to program changes.
  • obey orders in accordance with the published Standard Operating Procedures for Drivers.

Customer service

  • Display effective customer service and communication abilities.
  • Build trusting ties with your customers.

Condition of Vehicles

  • monitoring the vehicle’s overall health and maintenance schedule
  • Use a fuel-efficient driving style when operating the car.
  • ensuring that all trucks are in good functioning order, both inside and out.
  • ensuring the cleanliness of the trucks and any other specified work location, both inside and out.


  • protective gear used while on duty
  • Follow all business safety and health policies at all times. Report breaks, accidents, and abnormalities.

Skills, Experience, and Educational Requirements

  • 3 years of continuous driving experience
  • driving for three years with a spotless driving record


  • Written and Verbal Communication
  • Product expertise
  • talents for troubleshooting
  • basic knowledge of auto repair

Method of application for the Hauler Driver at The Coca-Cola Company

Are you capable and interested? To apply, visit The Coca-Cola Company at ccba.internal.erecruit.co.

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