2023 World Government Summit World Data Visualization Prize ($50,000 prize) for visual storytellers

Deadline for applications: February 1, 2023 | 2023 World Government Summit World Data Visualization Prize

The $50,000 worldwide creative data challenge is here. Datasets and themes are provided by WGS. You offer imaginative, clear data visualizations that create a story or highlight an intriguing aspect of the data.

The winning artworks will be awarded monetary prizes, will be featured in the international press, and will have the opportunity to be shown to world leaders during the World Government Summit in February 2023.


·      Anyone with an interest in design, data analytics, and visual storytelling is welcome to enter the competition.

·      You can participate whether you’re a team, a solitary practitioner, a designer, a developer, a creative professional, an analytics ninja, or any of the above.


·      $25,000: Grand Prize Winner

·      $7,500-Interactive, Winner

·      $5,000-Interactive, Runner-up

·      $2,500-Interactive, Third Place

·      $5,000-Poster, Winner

·      $3,000-Poster, Runner-up

·      $1,000-Poster, Third Place

·      $1,000-Poster, Fourth Place


·      16 December: Competition begins at 11:59 p.m. on February 1. AST : Competition ends on February 10; winners are declared

·      13 February: Dubai Process exhibition at the World Government Summit

Select one or all three of the concepts and datasets from the following competition.

·      What Just Took Place? What has changed? What has succeeded? What is supernova in nature? Charting our development over a decade using a variety of measures will help you see both the triumphs and the bottlenecks. View this dataset.

·      A dashboard for the future From a data standpoint, governments need to understand how well they, their country, and their people are performing. Create a data presentation for us to use for this. How might it feel, look, and work? What key metrics are there? View this dataset.

·      The Frontiers of the Future What elements and forces could influence the society, government, and people of the future? Tracking and visualizing our innovations in adaptability, future government, public services, and social technologies, as well as our development.

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