Climate change advocates and innovators are encouraged to apply for the multi-choice Earthshot Prize ($1.2 million Prize)

Call for submissions for The multi-choice Earthshot Prize ($1.2 million Prize).

Deadline for Submissions: January 27, 2023

MultiChoice invites innovators and climate change campaigners from all around Africa to nominate themselves for the coveted Earthshot Award, which has a cash prize of US$1.2 million/R20 million (£1 million).


The multi-choice Earthshot Prize ($1.2 million Prize).


ALL Africans


$ 5000


January 27, 2023



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The Earthshot Prize has started its 2023 search for ground-breaking solutions to address the biggest environmental concerns in the world. The goal of the prize is to find, accelerate, and scale ground-breaking solutions to repair and renew the planet. A call for entries has been made by MultiChoice, the official African broadcast partner and a member of The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance, for entries from African enterprises, governments, and individuals engaged in this kind of scalable and significant work.


Any of the five categories for the Earthshot Prize, including

·      Protect and Restore Nature,

·      Clean Our Air, Revive Our Oceans,

·      Build a Waste-Free World, and Fix Our Climate, are open to prospective nominees.

Funding and Benefits

·      A prize fund of US$1.2 million/R20 million (£1 million) is given to each of the five winners of the competition each year to help them scale their businesses.

·      An international network of more than 350 nominated people and organizations from 66 countries is tasked with guiding the process through each year as The Earthshot Prize launches a global hunt for game-changing ideas.

·      A global network of technical and professional support will help Mukuru Clean Stoves expand their work in addition to the US$1.2 million/R 20 million (£1 million) prize.

This involves using The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance to gain access to resources in a variety of fields and industries.  Such as manufacturing, retail, supply chains, legal counsel, digital technology, corporate strategy, and government relations.

Mukuru Clean Stoves hopes to reach one million consumers in three years thanks to the Prize. Which will enable them to develop an even cleaner ethanol-burning stove. They intend to reach ten million people in Africa during the next ten years.

15 finalists representing 10 different countries comprised the group from which the final five winners were chosen.

by The Earthshot Prize Council, an international group of powerful people devoted to promoting pro-environmental action.

The five recipients of the 2022 Earthshot Prize are:

·      Kheyti, India: A trailblazing approach for regional smallholder farmers to lower costs, boost yields, and safeguard livelihoods in a nation on the front lines of climate change.

·      In order to lessen dangerous indoor pollution and give women in Kenya a safer way to cook, Mukuru Clean Stoves, a start-up, provides cleaner-burning stoves.

·      Indigenous women of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are fighting to save our oceans. An inspirational program run by women that blends digital technology with 60,000 years of indigenous knowledge to protect the land and sea.

·      Create a Waste-Free World: Notpla, United Kingdom: A circular approach using seaweed as a substitute for plastic packaging.

·      Fix our Climate: 44.01, Oman: Old friends who have invented a novel method to permanently store CO2 underground by converting it into rock.

For Additional Information and to submit your applicaction

Visit the Multichoice Earthshot Prize’s official website.

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