EcoHeroes Initiative 2023 for African Secondary School

The Deadline: 22nd of January 2023.

EcoHeroes Initiative 2023 for African Secondary School Students

For the EcoHeroes Initiative 2023 for African Secondary School, applications are accepted. The EcoHeroes Initiative uses a co-creation and learner-centered approach to utilize, maximize, and leverage the youth’s high levels of enthusiasm, technological know-how, fortitude, and exploratory spirit in conceptualizing and putting into practice creative local environmental solutions. That also address socioeconomic needs in Africa, particularly in their own local communities.


The Deadline: 22nd of January 2023.


The EcoHeroes Initiative’s edition for 2022–2023 will be centered on sustainable development. And built upon three thematic pillars: climate change, sustainable aviation, and sustainable energy. The capacity of the prospective student teams to connect the project ideas on sustainable energy, sustainable aviation, and/or climate change to any themes of socioeconomic development (such as health, education, among others), provides an added advantage given #GreenGrowthAfrica’s commitment to developing environmental solutions that also address socioeconomic challenges in Africa.




EcoHeroes Initiative 2023 for African Secondary School




$ 500


22nd of January 2023



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Each chosen group will receive:


·      Technical advisers from both local and international expertise will serve as mentors and advisors, helping to improve and aid in the implementation of the project.

·      (Note: Student teams with creative project ideas for sustainable aviation may, subject to reviews, have Pratt & Whitney employees serve as advisors.)

·      Critical thinking, practical project implementation, online webinar presentation, and training to build capacity.

·      All chosen teams will get money of up to USD 500 for the execution of their project proposal.  And the concepts will be cutting-edge initiatives that link various development and survival-related concerns with sustainable energy, sustainable aviation, and/or climate action (such as health, poverty, etc). Ideas for projects that involve outdoor recreation are greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that the initiatives should be implemented over a period of three to six months.

·      Participation certificate.

·      chance to collaborate on projects with secondary school students around the world.

·      Take advantage of #GreenGrowthAfrica, NAAEE, and Pratt & Whitney’s widespread exposure and media coverage.

·      The top three “EcoHeroes” Clubs with the most inventive and significant initiatives will receive additional financial prizes after the projects are finished. These prizes will help the clubs continue to operate after the projects sponsored by the EcoHeroes Initiative are finished.





·      Any African nation may submit an application.

·      A team made up of at least five (5) students and a coordinating teacher will represent each secondary school (more students and teachers are allowed depending on the nature of their project).

·      Each team is supposed to identify problems with Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Aviation, and Climate Change in their local (or international) communities, then discuss and provide a solution. Only project concepts that address climate change, sustainable aviation, and sustainable energy will be taken into consideration.


Recall that:


·      Each student team will be obliged to share the results of their project through a local outreach, which might be to other students in their schools, individuals in their local communities, among others, after the projects have been chosen and completed with the assistance of an Expert Advisor. Additionally, #GreenGrowthAfrica will host international webinars for knowledge exchange where students may present the results of their projects, new skills, and lessons discovered.

·      Each student team will become a part of the school-based environmental club “EcoHeroes” after the projects and mentorship are finished. This club will be able to accept other students to carry on the project and engage in environmental sustainability in the long run. The clubs must be run and maintained by the schools. While #GreenGrowthAfrica won’t be in charge of the clubs’ day-to-day operations or finances. They will offer technical assistance, hold monthly or quarterly meetings, and communicate potential prospects with the groups.

·      Each school will submit a plan of action for running the “EcoHeroes” club after the project financed by the EcoHeroes Initiative 2022/2023 is over. The plan should encompass club activities for at least three months. This is essential because one of the main goals of the program is to ensure the sustainability of the clubs. Although there is no set format for the plan of activities, it should be concise and easy to follow in order to describe how the club will be run following the completion of the EcoHeroes 2022–2023 projects. Activities like discussions, tests, games, and outreach efforts can be free activities.




Teams that meet the requirements and are interested are asked to submit an online application.

Message of support A letter from the school’s administration expressing support for the school’s team’s. That is involvement in the initiative and the school’s commitment to maintaining and growing the club. “EcoHeroes” after the project sponsored by the EcoHeroes Initiative has been completed. The letter should also mention whether or not the school has access to electricity, internet, a projector, and a camera for high-quality, succinct video recordings.



Visit ECO Initiatives‘ official website for more information and submit an application.


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