Harry Frank Guggenhem (HFG) Foundation Emerging Scholars Award 2023 (worth $25,000)

Deadline: February 1 2023

Deadline: February 1 2023

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholars Award 2023, formerly known as Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowships, honor promising doctorate candidates who are in the final stages of completing a dissertation that addresses a significant aspect of violence.

The Foundation funds studies that look at the fundamental processes that lead to violence, although priority given to ideas that persuade policymakers of the applicability of any prospective discoveries.

Likewise, historical analysis taken into account to the extent that it is pertinent to the violence occurring right now. Examining the results of violence acceptable as long as there is a convincing argument that these impacts act as triggers for other acts of violence.

  • The grant, which is worth $25,000 for one year, helps a doctorate candidate get the financial support they need to finish their dissertation on time and further the Foundation’s stated research goals.


  • Applicants for an award must be Ph.D. candidates entering the dissertation stage of graduate study.
  • The Foundation open to applications from any field within the scientific, social, or allied sciences that will further knowledge of the origins, consequences, and management of violence and aggression.
  • The study of violence, including what causes it, how it functions, and methods for preventing or reducing it, given top importance.
  • Candidates may be nationals of any country who are enrolled in colleges or institutions abroad.
  • Candidates for the Harry Frank Guggenheim Emerging Scholar Awards may apply online annually between November 1 and February 1.
  • Applicants must create an account to access the application and guidelines.

Online Application (Login required)

Application Guidelines (PDF)

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