Yunus Centre Social Fiction Design Competition 2023 (win USD 10,000)

Deadline: 15 December 2022.

Deadline: 15 December 2022.

The Social Fiction Design Competition seeks social fiction that is original and thought-provoking, opening our eyes to new possibilities for living in a revolutionary, sustainable, and equitable world.

A unique and inventive concept is social fiction. The creation of concepts, notions, or methods that have an impact on social context referred to as social fiction. The creation of the society, the economy, and the planet we want to live in will be made possible if we begin to think about social fiction in the same way that we do science fiction. If we can conceive anything, reality will eventually follow.

The theme of the Social Fiction Design Competition 2023 is: “Imagine the Life of a Young Person in the World of 2050.”

This is a forum that encourages people all over the world to envisage the kind of society we want to live in—one that is free from the social and environmental injustices that afflict our communities. And our imaginations are where it all begins.

  • A chance to win USD 10,000


  • No geographical limitations
  • No age restrictions
  • Visionaries and dreamers from all over the world who have a penchant for creative writing are invited to participate in the Social Fiction Design Competition to share their visions for the world and the lives of young people in 2050.
  • Write a piece of social fiction that takes readers on a tour of this imagined world in 2050 in no more than 1000–5000 words.
  • Climate Change, Microcredit, Agriculture, Technology and Innovation, Transport, Literature, Music, Waste, Circular Economy, Tourism, WASH, Employment, Sports, Health & Well-Being, etc. are just a few of the social and environmental focus topics that you might choose to address in your work.
  • Describe how important figures in the government, big corporations, academic institutions, small enterprises, and/or the community are influencing this new world.
  • Visit the online application for the Social Fiction Design Competition.
  • Complete the online form by entering your details and responding to the questions.
  • Put your file online. Try resizing your file to upload if you’re having problems, or email if you need assistance.
  • When the submission confirmation pop-up appears at the top of the page, click Submit.
  • Obtain an email confirmation in your inbox.

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