Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2023 (up to $100,000)

Deadline: February 1 2023

Deadline: February 1 2023

Apply now for the Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2023. The Climate Story Fund encourages captivating storytelling and global impact initiatives that advance a just and biodiverse future. Additionally, it will favor initiatives that exhibit inclusivity and diversity across teams and fields of study and employ ethical standards when involving communities and narrative participants.

It gives priority to climate stories that put the underserved, the disengaged, and the most impacted people at the center of the narrative. The Fund also gives priority to storytellers who are active in and from those communities and who share narratives that have a profound impact on unfamiliar and disinterested audiences, thereby engaging people in important discussions about climate justice.

With funding from the Climate Story Fund, they are searching for creative nonfiction projects that can wrap up production in 2023, including long form, short or episodic films as well as podcasts and radio documentaries. The Fund also supports finished works of creative nonfiction and fiction in any format that aim to launch a campaign in 2023 to engage audiences who aren’t generally involved in the conversation about climate change.

  • The fund will provide awards of $50,000 to $100,000 to assist 6–8 initiatives.


  • Projects from all over the world, these can be localised stories serving local communities, or projects suited to a global audience
  • Projects from both new and established artists
  • Creative nonfiction projects, including long form, shorts or episodic documentaries as well as podcasts and radio documentaries in production
  • Completed creative nonfiction and fiction projects of any medium looking to pilot an impact campaign
  • The Doc Society application portal used to submit applications.
  • Each initiative must have a climate-related theme and a plan to launch an impact campaign. You don’t have to be an impact expert, but you should be receptive to the idea.
  • Projects must finish production by 2023 to be eligible for production funding.
  • Projects must launch an impact campaign in 2023 to be eligible for impact financing.
  • All grantees must participate in an Impact Lab as part of the grant-making process for this fund in order to connect with impact producers and climate experts, help develop impact strategies, and create impact campaigns that draw on already-existing knowledge and advocacy efforts to engage their target audiences. The week of June 5–9, 2023, our virtual Impact Lab must be accessible to project teams.

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